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Holiday history on May 1 of

May holidays have ancient history. Three thousand years ago residents of Ancient Italy worshipped the goddess Maya - the patroness of the earth and fertility. In honor of it spring designated the last month May, and in its first day festivities and celebrations were organized.

Holiday history on May 1, Day of solidarity of workers, begins since July, 1889. Then the Congress of the II International made the fatal decision on annual celebration all world proletariat this sacred day in memory of heroic fight of the American workers in Chicago against capitalists and exploiters.

Communists for the first time noted on May 1 in 1890 in Warsaw. In Soviet period on May 1, become actually public holiday, loved not so much for solidarity with workers of the whole world how many for the fact that May holidays and the Victory Day gave the chance and to remember fine labor traditions and the past war and to dig up kitchen gardens, to plant potato, carrot and onions.

The countries of the former east democracy are already accepted in EC and NATO and forgot that on May 1 it is necessary to march with flowers columns by stands with party leaders. In the republics of the former USSR all differently: in Kazakhstan on May 1 it is celebrated as Day of unity of the people of Kazakhstan. In Kiev this day communists go on squares, and the people bring down shish kebabs in the wood to fry.

In some countries on May 1 still public holiday. For example, Day of solidarity is spent to the Republic of South Africa under patronage of the power. Labor unions will organize exhibitions of products of folk art, sale of goods of consumer goods at reduced prices, representations of amateur and professional musical collectives.

On Sicily all young and old in May Day days collect meadow camomiles which, on local beliefs, bring happiness. In Spain on May 1 it is considered the Festival of all flowers. For the Berlin police on May 1 not a red, but rainy day of a calendar. Numerous parties and the movements hold meetings which steadily come to an end with fights and fights this day, and left and extremists - antiglobalists arrange riots in rich and ethnic quarters of the German cities.

Pragmatic Americans work on May 1. The countries of Europe do not remember the American workers too. But in England on May 1 - day off. In 1977 when the Labour party was in power, this day became a public holiday that caused shock in conservatives. There now, waited - soon and we will have socialism - wrote London Tayms .