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What sex without love is?

Communication of the man and woman consist of three components - sex, friendship and love. Harmonious and capable develop the relations can be only in the presence of all these components. I.e. ideally the relations is a cocktail from three components mixed in different proportions. At each relations - the composition, the quality of components and the taste.

What is sex without love ? These are such relations which basis is a joint intimate pastime. The main component of cocktail - sex, its more than a half. Whether Ho only sex is in this cocktail? Whether it happened to which of you to have sex with the woman who not absolutely was pleasant to you? Or just it was not pleasant?! And all women are pleasant to me! - will declare 15 - the summer school student. And what, it happens? - will ask gentle 18 - the summer maiden.

Happens. If you already joked up to the fact that the woman began to undress - there is no return road. To be washed away at such moment - to death it is similar because the woman it never forgives. Here and happens Well and how, it was pleasant to you? You had Ho an erection, there was an orgasm?! It did not lie as a cod on a plate, it very with enthusiasm and passionately helped you Your body relaxed, as usual. So it was not pleasant to you? Something was missing, the truth? Yes, everything was pleasant to a body. The woman was live, soft and your body remained satisfied. Ho something was not What can you tell finally about it?

1) It was vile! Only in vain spent time! - means, there was no friendship. Also there was no love. Whether Vryad you sometime still time so will get. By the way, our own members sometimes bring us out of such difficult situation unpleasantly: from - for bad psychological health they can just calm down and not respond on signal so leaves that would run away better! .

2) Well so, nicho, normalnenko I made it! The Friendship was not. And there was a love to itself, darling. Ah supposedly what I am a giant, the figure of Big sex, Casanova alive! Familiar situation? Why there was no friendship? And you are people from the different worlds. You are an academician, she is a weaver. You are a turner, she is an actress. And to talk to you there is nothing. Different intelligence, attitude, vital purposes and values. You had a contact with the alien who from the Moon fell down. Give you God if they breed budding. And if is not present?!

We will leave these defective situations and we will assume that the girl is pleasant to you rather, than it is not pleasant.

3) Oh, it is such sexual. The class, was lucky me that I laid such young woman. Enough nedurstvenno have a rest Formulation we and recognition of advantages of the partner demonstrates existence of friendship and some respect. And in a bed, probably, there was a free communication. You came to a bed to relax, and everyone received the high. Ho love was to itself what tells the second offer about. Quite acceptable relations, but both of you feel incomplete satisfaction, and it is bad. Such meetings can continue till that time until someone from you finds to himself the partner who will love more or will be more we love.

4) High! It is such charm - gentle, clever, pleasant in every respect. Our last meeting - just gloss! I wait - I will not wait when we have time to meet still just once . There is also a friendship ( we and manifestation of respect), and love ( it is such charm! ) . Love to it, as to the lovely, clever, pleasant woman. Well and that that it not only clever, lovely and pleasant of those whom you know?! And you would like that it was only, and all others - silly, disgusting and shitty? And she - that wants to be for you only in the world lovely and pleasant - it is so peculiar to the woman! The world, however, from it will not change. The competition and natural selection - laws of the nature. Choose and enjoy.