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What needs to be known upon purchase of the second-hand car? We ask and examine

Here the basic rules of survey of the car before purchase which can save you from many troubles connected with its subsequent operation:

Cars with mirror toning will not allow to registration in GAI.

In salon: at inclusion of ignition on instrument all emergency bulbs have to burn; at the started car turn on the conditioner, the music, headlights - turns should not fall, and the " engine; to troit and to become deaf.

Gaps between body details have to be symmetric and identical. The paint and varnish covering of the car has to be uniform both by sight, and to the touch.

Under a cowl should not be: oil smudges (except fastening of an oil filter); gasoline smell; sealant traces; nuts and bolts with the trampled-down sides or absolutely new;

Whenever possible glance under the bottom. Visually there should be no smudges of oil.

Try, using the weight, to press on each corner of the car. If shock-absorbers normal, the car has to shake down - up and to stop.

Should be checked whether rubber on all wheels is equally erased. If is not present (and the difference is well noticeable), perhaps, the body geometry is broken.

Doors have to be closed with an identical sound and effort.

And here you picked up for the announcement or would look after in the market / at the foreign car. On what first of all to pay attention at its survey? To find out from the owner: from where and when in what way the car was delivered to Russia; for what reason the car is sold; how many years the car is and operated in Russia; what malfunctions, accidents and large replacements of details happened during operation; whether the mode of replacement of raskhodnik and operational liquids ordered by a manual was observed; what candles stand on the car, to look at a deposit on them; what oil is filled in in the engine and a box, to look on the probe quality of oil (if the automatic transmission, then and in it); how long it is worth (looking) at the air filter by car; how long brake shoes changed whether the original or analog was put.

External survey.

Rubber, wheels, suspension bracket. What rubber costs

, what residual depth of a protector what nature of wear of rubber (kosv. the instruction on a descent - disorder). To check rims for existence of dents, dints, deformation. To check whether wheels are unsteady. To examine boots of CV JOINTS regarding their quality. Whether replacement will be required shortly. To turn out wheels on the maximum corner, to start, listen - whether there is no crash, characteristic of worn-out CV JOINTS. To look saylent - blocks as far as they are worn-out.

Glasses, mirrors, lighting engineering.

to Examine headlights, glasses and mirrors regarding existence of scratches, attritions, chips and cracks (old headlights have opaque look). To compare toning of glasses (often when replacing glass not tinted is put). For example, at Mazda of the main tonings two - gold (brown) and blue.


to Check work electricians in the car: janitors (to check their wear), an oven, switches, elevators, heaters of glasses, headlights and stop - signals. Work of a starter, work of headlights and blinkers by the started car. A condition of the accumulator (a raid on plugs, begin to flow). If there are suspicions - to turn off covers of cans, to look how many there electrolyte - whether it will be shortly necessary to add (means, the accumulator practically dead ) .


to Examine a paint and varnish covering regarding chips, dents, scratches, cracks. It is attentive to look at color - whether is not present where the sites differing on color that can speak about subpaint and a rikhtovka of a body. To check in a luggage carrier a niche for a zapaska and metal under a luggage carrier covering regarding corrosion. To examine wheel arches regarding corrosion. To find out, how from the car with anticorrosive processing. To look whether there is no visible distortion of a body (or asymmetry of speakers of surfaces - can point to strong accident with deformation of a body). To check whether there is no steering side play, whether directly there is a steering wheel at the rectilinear movement.


to Check existence of all handles provided by a complete set, buttons, switches and their smooth functioning. Not to forget adjustment of a driver`s seat and the handle of glove compartments. To examine a covering of seats and salon regarding impurity, the burned places. To examine seat belts - from below on them there has to be a fabric label with the indication of year of production (as a rule, release of the car equal to year).

Engine, podkapotny space.

it is attentive to b to examine the engine regarding potek of oil and other liquids. To try to check all screws of a valvate cover - whether are hardly tightened whether a thread is stripped on them. To check all rubber hoses and connections regarding wear and tightness (rubber should not be jointed). To examine a radiator regarding existence of potek, the hammered dirt. To examine rubber hoses of the cooling system in the place of joints - existence of a rust and white raid can testify to leakages. To examine an exhaust pipe - an internal surface - both the deposit, and a white raid inside, as a rule, speak about wear of the engine. To examine if it is possible, an exhaust path from below regarding damages.

To examine locks - if the key of doors does not approach a luggage carrier key, locks most likely changed. To learn - why whether cracked the car.

It is important to remember that rather widespread thing at drivers is twisting of real run and understating of it. If does not change memory, for Japan and Europe run about 15 - 20 thousand a year is considered normal. In America, naturally, is couple tens more than percent.

If on any position the car does not meet requirements, it is possible to bargain safely with the seller regarding reduction of price or to look for other option.