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Who thought up a " bathing suit; " bikini;?

Luis Rird developed design of a swimwear which excited masses. The only thing that was not enough - it is a suitable name for a novelty: something impudent, exotic, attracting attention. In four days prior to display of new model in Paris the American army carried out nuclear tests on the island known under the name Bikini Atoll. The name was found - " bikini;. On July 5, 1946 the new swimwear of bikini was issued. Later Rird repeatedly noticed that the suit received such name according to the name of the island, but not in honor of atomic explosion. Though obvious is a fact that Rird used the most actual and the subject discussed at that time for naming of the model.

Along with Luis Rird the similar separate bathing suit was created by Jacques Heim and called The Atom . The new model was presented as the smallest bathing suit in the world. What Rird right there reacted to, having declared that his " bikini; it is less than smallest " bathing suit in the world;.

Really, the new bathing suit - Rird`s bikini was so frank that the Parisian models did not decide to show it on a podium. For display Mishelin Bernardini - the stripper of one of the Paris Clubs was employed. She without hesitation agreed to show bikini. Bernardini had no beauty in classical understanding, however after emergence its popularity in the press considerably increased in bikini. Admirers filled up model with letters (about 50000 letters give number).

Separate bathing suits were not a special novelty. A role was played here by a wartime when urged to approach everything rationally. In 1943 in the USA it was offered to reduce the fabric consumption going for tailoring of one women`s bathing suit by 10%. So there were separate bathing suits. On beaches of the USA men showed keen interest in the women who apprehended a patriotic appeal. Rird found the bathing suit from a cut in 30 inches (0,76 sq.m): a bust from two triangles connected by a string and open shorts.

Emergence of bikini caused brisk discussion around the world. In the Catholic countries, such as Spain, Portugal and Italy, bikini were forbidden. The organizations fighting for increase of morality put pressure upon Hollywood with the requirement to exclude from movies of a scene where actresses are dressed in bikini. One of writers told that " bikini; reveals all female secrets, except for a maiden name of mother of the owner of such " bathing suit;. The movie star Esther Williams which had more opportunities to observe women in bikini than somebody, noted that bikini - manifestation of levity of his owner.

Rird`s company declared that a separate bathing suit it is possible to call " bikini; only in case it can be passed through a wedding ring . In 50 - x years Bridget Bardot made on bikini quite good business, but outside America where in connection with emergence of a new bathing suit scandal was about to happen. In 1957 the Modern Girl magazine wrote: We cannot but tell about a so-called bathing suit - bikini. It is not possible at all that the decent girl is capable to put on such thing .

But at the beginning of 60 - x America is under the influence of new currents, including nudist. In 1960 the priest - a star Brian Hilend immortalized bikini in the song Its Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini . Three years later to big screens there was a movie Beach Party in which in one of scenes of the girl dance in bikini. The movie had huge success.

Times and tastes change. In 80 - e - the beginning 90 - x years the bikini sales volume gradually decreases and makes only a third of volume of swimwears. In 1988 Luis Rird`s company ceases to exist.

Today, seemingly, bikinis experience a rebirth. Popularity of this model among modern women is high, and sales volumes constantly grow. In the West it is connected with emergence of popular TV - the show Baywatch.