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How there was an Internet - a slang and what is meant by some reductions?

How in a Word to draw the table? - RTFM, my friend! - Well, of course, and you it is difficult to explain... In this conversation almost everything is clear to the mere mortal, except unless mysterious Word and stranger word written entirely by Latin concordants. At the same time, talking, seemingly, this word he is quite familiar...

When the Internet - the frequenter begins to tell the friend - the neophyte about the Network, business hardly does without mention ICQ (ICQ), chats and conferences. And here, when stunned (or, on the contrary, executed scepticism) the neophyte plunges into the first chat

Quite possibly, it will be some Krovatka. ru or a chat on the website of STS channel. Alas, if you are not sverkhobshchitelna, and are not capable to keep up the interesting conversation with all at once, then it is necessary to you long to droop in these regions to catch though some interlocutor.

Besides, the total neglect grammar and spelling observed in one and all chats can puzzle the beginner. Exactly there, by the way, you understand

how it is important to know, there has to be a comma in phrases it seems " where exactly; to execute it is impossible to pardon .

But as far as the grammatical designs which are found in chats however Arfogrofichesky monsters seemed grotesque were terrible and as punctuation abysses would not look bottomless, hardly the neophyte seriously will be frightened by them.

If he or she is not twenty years old yet, and the computer for it or for it - not a terrible animal and not the hypertrophied typewriter, then even the modem brought by friends will hardly be thrown in a closet with cockroaches.

Therefore, is hardly worth expecting also that the beginner from the first time will decide to hate chats, and never there to go any more. Though at the beginning to it a lot of things will be absolutely unclear there.

It, in - the first, smilies (they are smileys, they are emoticons), extremely convenient means graphic displays of any emotions. they are used by

In electronic networks already long ago - it is considered that the first use of such badges belongs to 1979 though invented them even earlier.

In that 1979 - m a certain Kevin Mackenzie, the participant of one of the very first news groups - MsgGroup - somehow time complained about what in such is exclusive written to a communication environment opportunities to express the emotions are sharply narrowed. In this connection it suggested to use

for this purpose the evident badges made of punctuation marks - colons, a hyphen and a bracket.

Originally reaction to this offer at all was different. Someone hemmed, someone gave sarcastic lecture about the richest opportunities of English and Shakespeare`s genius held up as an example.

A was pleasant to someone. And those appeared in the majority, and already more than 20 years smilies fill various forums, conferences, chats, are used in chatter on ICQ and IM and decorate e-mails.

There is also one more look incomprehensibilities - strange lol, rtfm words etc.

What it, Barrymore? - Abbreviations, sir .

Yes, it the settled reductions of trite English phrases. The Internet began in America, and long time remained the prevailing language of the Network English. Therefore also all network slang has English-speaking roots.

We will give interpretations only of some, most widespread reductions:

of lol - Laughing Out Loud (I laugh loudly at full blast).

of cu - is said it as well as See You (we will meet), and it also means. But not Ku from the movie Kean - Dza - Dza as at first it is possible to think.

of rotfl - Rolling On The Floor Laughing (I ride on a floor from laughter).

of btw - By The Way (by the way, by the way).

of imho - In My Humble Opinion (in my modest opinion). There is still an imo option , it when speaking does not consider the opinion modest.

of rtfm - Read This Fine Manual (read - this remarkable management).

By the way, usually deciphers the last reduction a little differently: instead of the word Fine another is used absolutely, too beginning with a letter F. Translation, respectively, too absolutely other.

It is the most often found abbreviations. Business, of course, is not limited to them. There are tens more of similar reductions replacing with themselves the long trite phrases esteemed necessary in decent conversation.

Besides, figures and separate letters which at oral speech sound the same as separate words or parts of words are actively used.

For example, 4u - means means For You (for you). 2nite - this reduced and a little distorted tonight (tonight).

But still it is possible poorly - to guess sense of these reductions poorly.

A here that means L8R for example, it will be much more difficult to understand already, even at knowledge of English. It appears, thus the word " is designated; Later (later). In the same way M8 - it Mate (friend), and 10x - it Thanks (thanks).

To understand from where these reductions, in principle, very simply undertook. The main reason for their emergence - specifics of communication on the Internet and need to save personal and others` time everywhere where it is only possible. Earlier people honor

and did not know any connections, except Dial - Up. Time of stay in online once was absolutely expensive pleasure. Therefore, the brevity was necessary also from the economic point of view.

And still it is necessary to remember that number of messages which participants the Fidonet network exchanged and exchange. In this regard use slangy reductions looks not " any more; beskulturshchina and on the contrary, peculiar manifestation of etiquette.

Besides, in chats, for example, updating occurs constantly and through quite short periods. And, to keep up the conversation or just to attract attention, ability to scribble short and, whenever possible, bright phrases is necessary. Considering

that the scope of chatter in chats sometimes is not beyond And I have in a pocket a nail. And at you? rolling in my modest opinion will look there, at least, it inappropriate.

In a chat can be written quietly vilasipt just nobody will pay attention to it. But use of imho - a sign that the person not the first day on the Internet, so, with it, theoretically, is about what to talk.

Besides, as the statistics, the most part of chatter in " shows; usual chats it is conducted with a workplace and in working hours. Respectively, behind the back of the worker the chief executed anger at any time can grow up and a thunderous voice to question, than he is busy here, and?!

So if the desire to communicate on the Internet to acquaintances at the expense of corporation is insuperable, then it is necessary to work, at least, as soon as possible.

I here any more not to literacy and not to etiquette. But somehow awkwardly happens to express the opinion, and at the same time not to specify that it is absolutely subjective point of view.

Word imho in our modest opinion, will help to cope with such problem.

But the most amusing that all these words - lol erteefem imkho - even more often meet also in usual, offline talk. So far, generally only among programmers. But it so far.