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How to pay on the credit it is less?

Author: Natasha Zakrinichnaya. Tell, you have an operating credit? And you on this credit would like to pay less even if the sum of monthly payment you especially does not strain ? the Answer is obvious to

. A question only in how to make it? I hurry to please you. There are several options!

Option first - restructuring. If briefly, then this receiving a concession from the creditor. As they say - ask, and it will be rendered to you! What can be asked?

In - the first to increase the term of the credit and as a result to receive decrease in monthly payment. It is unambiguously favorable even if at you is not present delays but provided that the Bank will not change an interest rate during all term of the credit. The matter is that that money which you pay now in several years will cost much less. The reason for everything - banal inflation!

I know an example of how the person who bought the house on credit could pay completely this credit from a pay when there was a sharp depreciation of money. The Bank did not index the sum of monthly payment. And payment in 25 000 rubles turned into 25 rubles!

But all aforesaid is fair, only if credit money you will put in the assets which are bringing in the income, but not to spend them for the consumer purposes.

In - the second, it is possible to ask for " Bank; credit vacation that is for any time not to pay on the credit at all. Such scheme is often applied when leasing. Or to agree only about payments of percent, or individual schedule .

In - the third, referring to financial difficulties, it is possible to try to cadge free or partial pardon of a debt (Art. 415 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation), well or at least write-off of penalties and penalty fee for delay .

Option second - refinancing (loaning up). You are sure that those percent which you pay on the credit correspond to the current situation in the market? The competition among banks now big. Practically it is always possible to find the creditor who will agree to issue you the credit under lower interest, especially if you promise it to be translated to it on is settlement - cash service

Or here couple more of examples. You took a credit card for 100 thousand rubles. Monthly payment makes 5-10% of the debt sum. It happened so that you had to cash all card, and respectively in a month you are forced to pay from 5 to 10 thousand rubles. And whether you know that at the translation of your map in usual consumer for 5 years payment will be reduced to 2,8 thousand!

By the way, all this is fair also for expensive commodity the credits which you took in shop upon purchase of the TV or washing machine.

And here still a situation when refinancing is justified. You took the credit on the security of real estate. Regularly paid. The rest of a debt made 1 million. Having taken new, but already unsecured credit for repayment old you will be able to remove from - under encumbrances the real estate, to obtain under it one more credit and again to put money on use!

Generally, here the main thing that you had a normal credit history and that the next credit would not become an earth handful in your debt hole.

Option third - consolidation (association of several credits in one Bank).

Even if after similar operation your general payment will a little grow, then it is it is all the same best of all, than to pay 10 credits to different banks. Agree?

In - the first if you pay several credits to different banks, and it is even worse - at different times, then the probability to forget about the next payment and to spoil credit history sharply increases.

In - the second if the salary only once or two in a month, and expenses in the form of payments on the credit five or ten of times, then at you can just not appear money in necessary moment . As a result - penalties for delay and other delights .

Well to pay to one bank - it not only it is convenient, but also it is favorable!

The fourth option - return of the bank commissions.

Jurisprudence such is that collection of the commission for opening and maintaining the loan account admits illegal, respectively appeared an opportunity to return it back even if you repaid the loan 3 years ago! Main thing, that game cost candles .

At the same time I recommend to carry out all above-mentioned procedures of optimization and minimization of your accounts payable only under the supervision of competent credit doctor - financial consultant.

For God`s sake, do not self-medicate! Remuneration doctor usually makes only 5-10% of your economic profit. It is very favorable!

The analysis of your accounts payable, an assessment of a possibility of optimization and predesigns of your economic benefit are carried out free of charge. So it is possible to call the expert, time right now - money!