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What does the woman not sexual in the opinion of men?

to be sexual - means to influence on people around. And repellent is influence too, but only negative. Men remarkably catch this influence. What attracts one can push away another. However men told everything to me about the same shortcomings, and to them it is worth listening.

These mistakes can be divided into eight main categories. (And, by the way, here they are brought in that verbal form in which stated them to me men.)

All the same Some acts of the woman show

to me clearly and accurately that she does not consider herself sexual, does not want to be sexual and God forbid somebody will dare to rank it as this category. Making this mistake, it shows to the whole world that own body is not important for it, it is not important that people around look at it with horror.

Here characteristics applicable to such women:



clothes bad breath

cosmetics traces on a collar

out-of-condition hair

unpleasant smell of a body

unshaven legs,

hairy armpits

standing do not have neither stockings, nor the

tights not well-groomed appearance

Incidentally untidy look can forgive, but when the man sees the woman only once - in shop or at a party - he does not know, accident this or constant phenomenon.

The low self-assessment

This wrong behavior extremely disturbs men both quickly and hopelessly destroys sex appeal of the woman in their eyes. They easily notice that they the woman about themselves not high opinion, and consider the shape her suppressed, omitted very unattractive. Most of men consider a high self-assessment as part and the prerequisite of sexuality, any hint on its contrast pushes away them.

Here that enters this category:

excess weight

bad possession of own body

dim eyes, lack of gloss

insufficient self-confidence

simple white cotton linen

the underestimated self-assessment


absence of desire to become attractive

flabbiness of muscles, depression, my appearance " is indifferent for me; - shape

Too big efforts

It is amusing, but efforts to become sexual lead to the return result. Men do not want that the woman seemed too diligent, especially when the speech comes about sex appeal because if the woman very much tries to seem sexual, it means that it is not sexual. The intuition does not bring men, and they catch such signals at once.

Here that men call in this regard:


game in naivety


excessive leanness


excessive seducement

too fitting

clothes importunity

clothes not occasionally

excessive ingenuity

big mouth

seductive behavior in improper situations

a long tongue

men Especially do not love open aggression. In a sexual inclination the woman needs to let the man know that it is safe to man to approach her. When the woman is aggressive, it influences all process.

Affectedness reminds excessive efforts too, and men feel it. The woman playing naivety or excessive ingenuity as though asks that she was rejected.

Construction of barriers to

of the Woman can be said that want to be sexual, but their actions contradict words, building a barrier between them and by that the man whom they would like to attract. Men feel that the woman puts up a wall, and resist to it.

Here the samples of barriers listed by men:

do not flirt

behave mannishly

show lack of interest in the man

possess the identity of the prima donna

are excessively critical or pessimistic

do not love men

are slowed down

it seems that they have no real feelings

the bad mood or indifference

show Bad habits to

there is a number of habits which, unfortunately, push away men soon.

Here that men call:



obkusyvaniye of nails

chewing of a chewing gum

drug addiction

Presently of fight against smoking many men consider that the smoking woman is already disgusting in itself, and non-smoking men refuse such women, without reflecting.

Many men do not love drunk and even slightly tipsy women.

The wrong choice

Seeking to be sexual, women go too far in the choice of clothes and jewelry, and it negatively influences men. Men like restraint in everything, they are guarded by extremes. Here that pushes away men:

clothes of the motley shouting coloring

an excess in cosmetics

krichashche - red


hairspray long earrings in ears

the fitting jeans on women with wide hips

bad teeth

surplus of shadows on centuries

surplus of spirits

Sometimes women are reconciled with shortcomings which are easy for eliminating by means of the doctor or the dentist.

Whether we will come to a consensus that to call vulgar or cheap behavior , men have in this respect the opinion and the criteria of definition of vulgarity.

Here that men consider vulgar:

loudness of a voice

wrong speech

cheap appearance


unpleasant intonations in a voice

roughness in behavior

foul language

bad manners


flirtation with several men

too much talk on sex

the Frank behavior is a strong sexual weapon when it is used is reserved, but it can go too far and become vulgar. Men love revealing clothes when they feel that it is intended for them and nobody else. But if the woman uses clothes to attract all absolutely men - they quickly lose interest.

Personal shortcomings

It is just that area in which the woman can not manage to change a lot of things, but men pay attention to shortcomings of the personality, and, having noticed them, immediately rise against the woman.

Here that can serve as a sample:

lack of mind

tendency to complaints

absence of sense of humour

negative relation

lack of focus or vigor






tendency to changes


a causticity

my readers can, having read these pages, to tell: Who can make these mistakes, same just what our mothers warned us repeatedly in youth about! But, obviously, thousands of women make them and by that lose appeal.