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And whether you know that from bean grow thin?

Bean - the most ancient and our real assistants. If you have to support the weight at the constant level or you want to grow thin - include bean in the diet!

the Western scientists studied their influence on weight. The last researches show that regular consumption bean (lentils, chick-pea, haricot, peas) promotes weight reduction and its regulation.

Why does that happen?

In - the first , bean are rich with food fibers, complex carbohydrates and proteins. Each of these nutrients carries out the role in control over weight. So, food fibers and starch of bean reduce absorption of glucose and as scientists assume, fat.

In - the second , scientists noted that at the use bean there comes sense of fulness quicker.

In - the third , bean contain a small amount of fat and are rather low-calorie products. Those who grow thin carefully normalize the number of calories in a diet. In what look it is better for

to use bean that the prepared dishes were low-calorie, at the same time useful and nutritious?
best of all bean at a diet to use

in the form of soups. Soups from lentil Soccer or red and yellow lentils which can be prepared quickly on water will be especially good, at the same time they will be very tasty. It is possible to include dishes from bean with vegetables. It is necessary to tell that lentils least kaloriyna among other bean. For example, one portion of boiled lentil contains no more than 190 kcal. So calories in grain and bean at the competent use will not be superfluous.

It is interesting that the Hindus who are a good judge of the use bean have such habit - after food they surely eat an anise that bean were better acquired.

And now small digression to the world of surprising bean!

Lentil. Should tell that for Russia everything is green lentil is more habitual. But it appears, in the world there are many beautiful, bright and surprising grades of lentil. These are such lentils as yellow, red, French, Soccer, the Beluga. I will stop on two of them:

Lentil Soccer. If there is no time to play soccer to shape up, it is possible to eat it! :) This bright red lentil in a form reminds a ball.

Lentil Beluga. Tiny brilliant beads of lentil the Beluga can be mixed easily with beluga caviar. From here - the name of a grade. Its natural black pigment possesses properties of the antioxidants helping to keep longer health and youth. On www. fasol. tv can find recipes. For example: Lentil salad the Beluga with Feta.

In general lentils contain food fibers, (which contribute to digestion work normalization, so and supports of an organism in shape), folic acid, B1 vitamin and minerals (gland contains almost twice more, than in other bean). Therefore in weight loss the excellent assistant!

Haricot. Kinds of haricot great variety. Besides all of us known red yes such haricots as black Preto, Baby Lima, white Nevi, Kidni red motley, the Evil eye, Adzuki beans exist white. In more detail about three of them:

Haricot black Preto. As well as all types of haricot, Preto is rich with protein, carbohydrates and food fibers. Thanks to this haricot it is possible not only to grow thin, but also to look younger. Preto`s haricot - a healthy diet! And still the Canadian researchers established that the amount of antioxidants in 100 g of black haricot by 10 times exceeds their contents in 100 g of oranges.

Haricot Adzuki beans. Contains a lot of cellulose which helps to clear an organism and contributes to digestion normalization. In the Chinese medicine Adzuki beans it is considered useful to health and it is especially recommended to women as it promotes blood formation and maintenance of healthy, ruddy complexion!

And it will be still interesting to ladies to learn that do ice cream of it. Here tell as: amnjam.

Haricot Evil eye. It has a fresh taste and very gentle thin skin. In America from it traditionally prepare festive dishes. Here soup on everyday life: Lubiya`s soup.

Unusual bean. It is bean which cannot be carried neither to haricot, nor to lentil. However they are also traditional for various countries of the world. For example chick-pea, mash, dolikhos. I will dwell upon chick-pea and soybeans.

Chick-pea. Incredibly ancient bean culture with rich history. It appears, it not only perfectly supplements dietary dishes, excellently replaces meat, but also raises IQ! Scientists found out that ancient people grew wiser thanks to chick-pea (in it is mute high content of tryptophane of which in a brain serotonin is formed is revealed). Do a set of dishes of chick-pea. For example, light vegetable salad from chick-pea.

Mash. Unlike haricot, mash it is not presoaked. A preparation time rather fast among bean. Mash is rich with protein and food fibers. At regular application he helps to keep weight under control. Perfectly is suitable for dietary food - does not contain gluten and lactose, has a low glycemic index. Germinated mash it is especially popular among vegetarians and supporters of healthy food. Run Masha which can be eaten crude and to add to salad, are the low-calorie food rich with cellulose and vitamins. Here the traditional dietary recipe from Masha - soup Mungdal.

Bean are suitable not only for good nutrition, but also for weight loss. It is a source of the nutrients, vitamins and minerals important for health of our organism. Thanks to such variety of bean, it is possible to experiment and try something brand new daily: traditional and dietary dishes.

And you bean often eat?