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Why healthy skin is necessary?

All of us want to have clean, beautiful skin, but all - the majority of us cares for face skin more, than for all other. Eventually, face skin is our representative, the first that is noticed by people.

Nevertheless, skin is the most extensive formation of an organism. We seldom think of skin as about important body, and meanwhile it is also important, as well as heart, a liver or a brain. It is difficult system of blood vessels, nerves, fabric liquids and living cells which is updated each 28 - 45 days.

Skin is water-repellent, self-repairing, elastic; porous, but not proceeding. It absorbs moisture, and at the same time can plunge completely into water, without being put at risk. Skin works as a protective barrier between internal systems of an organism and environment; on the other hand, does not allow water, blood, nutrients and other important liquids to filter on a surface. Skin contains sebaceous glands which help to maintain its elasticity and elasticity; they also contain antibacterial chemical compounds.

What functions of skin? Skin provides to

protection. Skin - the first line of defense of an organism. Despite softness and elasticity, skin rather dense to maintain external mechanical influences. It protects important internals from damages. Cells of skin produce the substances necessary for immune system of an organism. Besides, skin interferes with penetration into deeper fabrics of harmful microbes and toxic agents.

Skin signals about danger. Skin - the mirror of health and health reflecting in the surface what occurs inside. Many system diseases (diabetes, shingles, leukemia, cancer) give the warning signals which are often expressed in skin violations long before emergence of obvious proofs of these internal diseases.

Skin controls body temperature. Possessing a wide network of blood vessels, skin regulates and controls body temperature that allows an organism to adapt to conditions of a heat or cold. Small blood vessels in a term extend when to a body too hot, and are narrowed when it is too cold. It regulates the volume of the blood flowed to skin, disseminating or keeping heat depending on conditions.

Skin clears an organism. Skin helps to remove a certain waste of a body and harmful toxins through 2 million sweat glands. Through it about 0 is removed. 5 l of water a day. Skin actually breathes through a time, like breath through lungs, only in much smaller scale. At the same time oxygen is absorbed and carbon dioxide is emitted.

Skin feeds an organism. Using a sunlight as a source, skin helps to produce vitamin D. A certain amount of vitamin D is necessary for good assimilation of minerals, calcium and phosphorus. These minerals are irreplaceable for development of strong, healthy bones and prevention of rickets.

Skin informs an organism. Thanks to touch, the body feels pleasure and pain, pressure and feelings. It is basic communication communication between a body and environment. Skin gives the detailed information allowing to draw conclusions: the plate is hot, a knife sharp, air cold.

Skin reflects emotions. Skin possesses unique ability to reflect human emotions: to redden from excitement, to turn pale for anger, to darken for fear. Besides, skin reacts to such emotions as tension, concern or a stress in various ways: sweating of palms, the pricking rashes or a strong smell.

As you can see, skin - full-fledged and extremely important body of a human body. Therefore the correct leaving is necessary for our skin full, and, above all. To achieve the clean, blossoming and healthy face skin, external leaving surely has to include cleaning, toning and moistening.

Means on leaving which you use have to carry out

3 important functions:

1) to support and counterbalance the fats and acids necessary for softness of skin,

2) to kill bacteria and to delete dust that skin could breathe, with

3) to supplement specific type of skin.

But really to get rid of problems with skin, it is not enough external care of face skin. Skin first of all is nourished from within - together with all organism. Therefore the priority should be given to healthy and healthy nutrition of an organism and its internal health.

So do not ignore the skin, look after it, love it - and it will thank you!