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How to win against a depression by means of water?

Beside himself Crestfallen On it there is no person . There is a set of phrases, using which we mean that the person has that is called a bad period in life.

Of course, millions of people in our mad century can to brag that at them constant, on - modern being expressed, crack-up. In spite of the fact that though we try to argue on this illness with humour as about something inopportunely appeared suddenly and fairly preventing normal activity, the depression very much and very much is not harmless. To underestimate its consequences would be a serious mistake.

For reference: the main reason of this disease is covered in decrease in blood of level of serotonin, special substance which is urged to support a human body in a condition of cheerfulness. Of course, it are actively promoted also by the various problems which are daily falling down us in large numbers.

The depression started, lasting time not one year promotes emergence of suicide moods. Terrible statistics such is that in 10 - 15% of cases it becomes the reason of suicides.

Of course, it is not necessary to be excessively hypochondriac and a banal breakdown and moods to take for symptoms of a clinical depression.

Exists a technique by means of which you can distinguish serious a case from frivolous . If now you among ten symptoms find a half or, Perish The Thought, even more, belonging to your physical and mental state for three and more last weeks, then you need to see a doctor.

So, depression symptoms:

1. Ultimate feeling of boredom, concern, sincere emptiness.

2. Changes of a habitual dream. Sleeplessness, either very long or faltering dream.

3. Or loss of appetite with loss of weight, or increase in appetite and a set of weight.

4. Apathy and indifference to earlier interesting things.

5. Irritability. Often - causeless. Tearfulness.

6. The physical symptoms which are not giving in to treatment (for example, gastric or other chronic pains).

7. Loss of concentration of attention, memory.

8. A breakdown and energy, as a result - increased fatigue.

9. Sense of guilt, hopelessness, inferiority.

10. Thoughts of death and suicide.

By itself, the pharmaceutics delivers expensive drugs for this illness on the market. But there is a remarkable method helping to remove depressive mood - balneotherapy.

I Suggest to study it and to adopt.

What it is necessary to do? But without scepticism, please! Belief - the key to success if you remember.

In the morning and it is necessary to go in cold water from three to five minutes in the evening. Splash though in a basin though in a bathroom. Remember that muscles of legs have to work therefore in water it is necessary not to stand, namely to be trampled down. Even better, fir-trees you on a bottom put a massage rug with thorns. Blood supply of legs, thus, becomes more active and will exert the most beneficial influence on all organism.

Then directly it is necessary to put on warm socks wet legs and a rhythmical step to pace the room until legs are warmed and completely will not dry. Later minutes 15 be engaged in hands. Lower them for 3 - 5 minutes in a bucket with cold water. Besides, without wiping, you pace the room until hands do not dry.

At first will seem awful, but then precisely it will be pleasant - it is necessary to be engaged in douches of an upper body, to a belt. Hold up under a shower of room temperature serially a neck, shoulders and a back. In process of accustoming water temperature needs to be lowered gradually. If there is an opportunity to have a shower bath from a watering can, it is desirable to add a spoon of apple cider vinegar on a water bucket.

As you already guess, it is not necessary to be wiped. Put on a warm dressing gown and you pace the room before full drying of a body. Move! Because differently it is possible to overcool and catch a cold. It does not include in our plans in any way.

It is useful to take twice a week baths with broth from pine needles or valerian root infusion. Add 100 grams of a root on liter of the boiling water and insist 2 hours. It is very important to

to take in a habit every morning during washing to wash behind ears cold water, without neglecting a light massage of auricles.

Also do not forget to clean language after a dream. Yes, yes, not only teeth! One of tasks in a dream - the general cleaning of an organism, removal of slags and the other muck which collected in us in a day. Therefore in the morning the mouth represents not the purest and healthy locality.

Balneotherapy of a depression will bring the expected effect if you refuse coffee, spices, alcohol, will live under Carlson`s motto: Tranquility, only tranquility! Do not neglect a day regimen, charging and feasible physical activities.

of Health to you, friends!