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What needs to be known if you were stopped by the traffic police officer? It is not necessary to be afraid of

. In most cases we are stopped for simple formality - verification of documents. From the car not to leave obligatory. You have a full authority to communicate with the authority through a window, leaving a door blocked. And here it is strictly recommended to be friendly and quiet. Having seen your smile, the inspector will surely be softened.

If you broke something and know it, you should not argue. As a rule, traffic police officers are on duty in adjusted places where many same offenses are made.

Simple violations are qualified by the inspector on the place therefore you receive the resolution - the receipt on payment of a penalty in any Sberbank branch. More difficult cases understand group of analysis, and responsibility is established in court. In some cases (for example if the car is registered in the area) only the protocol is handed out, and on the place and time of consideration of the case you will have to be notified by the registered mail separately.

If you have a doubt in correctness of the employee of traffic police, try is reasoned to argue the point of view. Open Traffic regulations and the table of penalties. Read controversial points to the inspector. Explain to the logician of the actions. But do not swear at all! The staff of traffic police people impressionable, and having gone to the principle, are capable to make your communication long and not really pleasant.

Let`s say business reached the protocol, and you are still sure that nothing was broken? Safely write in the protocol: He DOES NOT AGREE and the version of events. Do not forget to enter in the protocol of witnesses who can confirm your words. If you faced the real lawlessness, you are threatened, your documents unreasonably detain, extort money from you - urgently call by ph. of trust of traffic police, and also 02.

It is useful to know: you Carry in the car of the Traffic regulation and the Table of penalties (endurance from the Administrative Code).

Check on alcohol - that it is necessary to know

can be Checked for availability of alcohol in blood any driver on the basis of suspicion of the inspector of traffic police. Remember that the device in which to you will suggest to blow on the road does not show official results. You can refuse it preliminary a stage and at once to demand medical examination. And here you cannot refuse survey by the doctor, it to equivalently voluntary recognition of drunk.

The official analysis is carried out in the special medical car - laboratory, or in medical institution (but not on a post of traffic police!) . To bring the driver to medical institution - a duty of the employee of traffic police. And it has to do on the official car. So be going to lose a lot of time.

Under the law, the doctor first of all has to check the content of alcohol in the air exhaled by you. Respiratory tests carry out twice with an interval of 20 minutes. And if devices without scale were used to research, then every time it is necessary to use not less than two devices.

If the result negative also raises doubts of the doctor, it can decide to take on the analysis blood or urine - at the choice. A drugimva you cannot demand replacement of one analysis. For recognition of alcoholic intoxication it is enough that alcohol was found by results of any of analyses.

It is useful to know: According to articles 12. 8, 12. 26 Administrative Code for driving deprivation of the rights for a period of one and a half till two years is provided in an alcohol intoxication.