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What to do to the beginning driver in case of breakage in way?

Before departure approach the car, take of it a view. It is useful to bypass at least once in day the car around, especially after it stood on the street without supervision. Be convinced that any of wheels is not lowered, rooms and caps on the place, and on a body are not present new dents and scratches. If it is necessary, wipe headlights, glasses and mirrors.

Breakage in way the Main thing governed

- at the first signs wrong turn on the alarm system and try to move down on a roadside. If it was not succeeded to leave the carriageway, expose a sign of an emergency stop rather! It can save literally to you life, especially, if you stopped behind the closed turn or the hill.

There`s nothing to be done, it is necessary to move the car towards service on a cable or the tow truck. On a cable - cheaper and quicker. On the tow truck - it is much more reliable and safer. The tow truck call - business quite laid on, but it is worth it.

If nevertheless you decide on a cable, you remember that the majority of cars with AKPP can be towed, being guided by the rule 50 x 50 - not further than on 50 km with a speed no more than 50 km/h. But exceptions of this rule are therefore it is worth specifying it in the operation manual on your car.

Having appeared on a " tie; you remember that your main task - smoothly to pull a cable to avoid breakthroughs and not to get into a bumper of the going ahead car. If in your car there is a power steering and brakes, you will be unpleasantly surprised, having found out that the wheel became very heavy, and the pedal of a brake costs a stake and to press through it very difficult. To slow down, safely you press on it very much, it is possible two legs at once. Only you do not hold a brake pressed constantly, otherwise your brakes can overheat and refuse, and on a tow coupling will burn down.

It is useful to know: Always you carry a cable in the car. In advance learn and you carry with yourself phones of services of evacuation and your car service. Specify whether towage of your car is possible.

Were punctured...

Cotton and " car; incurred aside. So the wheel bursts. Happens that the tire is blown off slowly, then you will feel that you for the movement are directly forced to pull a wheel aside, more and stronger all the time. There will be an extraneous noise and vibration. Having noticed these symptoms at once reduce speed and stop on a roadside to look what happened.

It is impossible to go by the lowered wheels. In - the first, it is simply dangerous since the car begins is unpredictable to behave in turns. In - the second, it is unprofitable since a disk, leaning on the lowered rubber, zazhevyvat also does it unsuitable for restoration.

Often beginners do not notice the lowered wheels at all. Most likely, in that case you learn about a puncture from other drivers. Only be vigilant not to fall a victim substituted. Maneuvering to a roadside, control dead zone the mirrors. Remember that it is dangerous to change a wheel in the middle of the road for you and is impolite in relation to other participants of the movement.

To lift the car, be convinced that the jack rests against the platform which is specially intended for it. Having replaced a wheel, tighten all bolts. Do not forget about purse snatchers - throughout all process of replacement of a wheel do not leave the car open and do not lose sight of the things.

If a puncture small, the punched wheel it is possible to repair. It will be made on any mounting.

It is useful to know: Find out where your car has a platform under a jack. If to domkratit the car where it is necessary, it is possible to bend thresholds and the bottom.