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How it is correct to fill the car to the beginner?

Each great racing driver once with alarm approached the car, anticipating the first independent trip. The beginning of autodriving - the fascinating, sated with emotions period. To remember it with pleasure, it is important to be prepared for what waits for you. the First gas station to

Bad gasoline is harmful to

to the car as the spoiled food for a stomach. Inquire at colleagues and neighbors what of gas stations, convenient on an arrangement, trades in good gasoline, and try to refuel only there. Drive up to a column that party of the car on which the gasoline tank hatch is located. For obvious reasons, on gas stations are afraid of the fire. Therefore, having driven up to a column, kill the engine. Certainly, it is strictly forbidden to smoke in the territory of gas station.

If the refueler approached you, tell him what type of gasoline is necessary to you and help to open the gasoline tank hatch if necessary. After that go to cash desk. You can order a certain number of liters, buy gasoline for a certain sum or service the vehicle to a full tank. Demand the check and surely keep it before the following gas station. If the car suffered from bad gasoline, the complaints will be reviewed only in the presence of the check. Besides, it is noticed that if you ask the check, then the incomplete filling almost does not happen.

If there is no refueler at station, it is necessary to take business in hand. Insert the filling gun into a mouth of a gasoline tank and press the lever under its handle. On a board of a column figures - amount of already filled in gasoline and its cost will run. When the tank is filled, the clamp will be unsnapped and gasoline will cease to move. If there is no clamp, you can see how gasoline foams at the mouth. Right there release the lever. Do not try to fill in gasoline to the cover. Without having calculated, you can have a shower bath or pour over the car.

If you refueled to a full tank, do not forget to be paid back in kind!

It is useful to know: specify in advance what fuel services your vehicle. Learn to open the gasoline tank hatch.

If in a tank dried up

that it is time for car to be supported, will prompt you the index of level of fuel on the dashboard. As a rule, at decrease in level of fuel to a minimum, near its scale the bulb lights up. Unfortunately, this bulb is put not on all models of cars so look behind an arrow.

If gasoline reaches a limit, it occurs so: are started " anew; otliva - draft failures at dispersal, on rises, in sharp turns. It is a little more - and the engine will decay. Do not try to bring him again and again. It is very harmful to a gasoline pump. Better at the first signs to move down on a roadside and to switch off ignition.

Now an exit at you two. Or to deliver gasoline to the car, or to bring the car to gasoline. It is better if you are helped by the good friend. Perhaps, it will be able to bring to you a little gasoline in the canister or will tow off you to gas station.

Do not accept the help of the well-wishers ready to merge a little gasoline from the tank or to splash in your gasoline tank of doubtful liquid from the canister. Low-quality gasoline can lead to serious breakage of the car which, most likely, will be recognized as neither guarantee, nor insured event.

It is useful to know: try to refuel at once as soon as the index of level of fuel begins to show less than a half of a tank.