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Frida Khalo. What do we know about this extraordinary artist? Many of us learned

about existence of the famous Mexican artist to Frida Khalo (Frida Kalo) after the famous actress Salma Hayek (Salma Hayek) released everything a biographic tape about life of this outstanding Mexican, having played in it a leading role (Frida`s role) on own film studio.

Real life of Frida is not less dramatic, than the movie about it Frida Khalo was born

in Mexico City in 1907. She is Gulermo and Matilda Khalo`s third daughter. The father is a photographer, by origin - the Jew, it is from Germany. Mother - the Spaniard born in America. In six years Frida got sick poliomelity then there was lameness. Frida - a wooden leg - cruelly her peers teased. And she counter to all swam, played with boys in soccer and even practiced boxing. On a leg pulled 3-4 stockings that looked as healthy. Trousers, and after a marriage - long national dresses what still carry in the state Oakhakayu helped to hide physical defect.

Frida`s life abruptly changed in the rainy evening on September 17, 1925 when the car by which Frida with the school friend went collided with tram. The blow was such strong that threw out the guy from the car. But he got off light - only a contusion what you will not tell about Frida. The broken iron rod of a slip ring of the tram was thrust in a stomach and left in a groin, having shattered a coxofemoral bone. In three places the backbone was injured, two hips are broken. The right leg which is dried up by poliomyelitis was broken in eleven places. Thirty two times Frida visited the operating table. It is a peculiar world record. Besides, it was constantly pursued by thought of possible display of a hereditary disease: the father had epilepsy.

Doctors could not be charged for her life. Frida Khalo then was 18 years old.

Painful months of motionless inaction began. At this particular time she asked a brush and paints for the father. For Frida made the special stretcher allowing to write lying. Under a canopy of a bed attached a big mirror that Frida could see herself. It began with self-portraits. I write myself because I spend alone much time and therefore that I am that subject which I know best of all .

In 22 years, counter to everything and everything, Frida Khalo enters the most prestigious institute of Mexico (national preparatory school).

Their first meeting took place when Frida, still the teenager, saw Diego Rivera painting walls of the Higher preparatory school. It blew her children`s mind, she tracked down him, teased old Fasto tried to draw attention and once as if having anticipated their general future, declared to school friends: I by all means will marry for this macho and an ugly face of the son from it .

At that time Diego was first guy among the Mexican painters of that time, and only Alfaro Siqueiros could compete to it. He was a sincere communist, the fighter against the bourgeoisie, the speaker, popular among a commonalty. Soyuze Rivera was especially popular in Sovetstky in 60 - e years, but the name of his wife was always secretly held back. Of course, from - for Lev Davidovich Trotsky, friendship with which Diego forgave, and to Frida for some reason - no.

Diego was huge and fat. The hair growing at shreds which are made buldge out from excitement or, on the contrary, covered with the filled-out centuries of an eye. Rivera liked to represent himself in the form of a tolstobryukhy frog with someone`s heart in a hand. It was always adored by women, Diego reciprocated, but somehow admitted: The stronger I love women, the stronger I want to force them to suffer .

Their family life raged passions. They could not always be together, but never - separately. They were connected by the relations, according to one of friends, passionate, obsessed and sometimes painful . In 1934 Diego Rivera changed Frida with her younger sister Christina posing for him. Made it openly, understanding what offends the wife, but did not want to break off the relations with it. The blow for Frida was cruel. The arrogant woman, she did not wish to share the pain with anybody - only splashed out it on a canvas. The picture, perhaps, the most tragic in her creativity turned out: the nude female body is excised by bloody wounds. Near a knife in a hand, with the indifferent person the one who put these wounds.

Diego changed Frida all life what she madly suffered from. Frida helped and supported Diego in everything, accompanied him on trips and exhibitions. Frida always wanted the child, but from - for traumatized in youth at her every time there were abortions.

Pay attention, on one self-portrait Frida does not smile: serious, even mournful face, accrete dense eyebrows, slightly noticeable black short moustaches over densely squeezed sensual lips. The idea of her pictures is ciphered in the details, a background, figures appearing near Frida. Symbolics of the artist, art critics say, relies on national traditions and is closely connected with Indian mythology of the doispansky period. Frida Khalo brilliantly knew history of the homeland. The set of original monuments of ancient culture which Diego and Frida collected all life is in the garden " now; blue house .

It is possible to treat differently Frida`s creativity, but it is necessary to recognize that in her works the cruelty and the known share of shamelessness peculiar to this outstanding woman were shown. On the shelf in its office among books on anatomy, physiology and psychology (she seriously studied medicine, penetrated into Freud`s theory, even became the first undergone in Mexico to psychoanalysis) there was a subject as if postponed there from cabinet of curiosities. As a reminder on not been born children there was a vessel with the alcoholized human embryo.

Shortly before death to it amputated the right leg, her tortures turned into torture, but she found forces to open the last exhibition in the spring of 1953. Shortly before the appointed hour the audience heard howl sirens. It by the ambulance accompanied with an escort of motorcyclists from hospital after operation there arrived a heroine of the occasion. It was brought on a stretcher and placed on a bed in the center of the hall. Frida joked, sang the favourite sentimental songs to the accompaniment of an orchestra Maryach smoked and drank, hoping that alcohol will help to kill pain. That unforgettable performance shook photographers, reporters and admirers. As well as the last, posthumous, on July 13, 1954 when crowds of admirers came to say goodbye to her body wrapped in a banner of the Mexican communist party to the hall of a crematorium.

Frida Khalo died of pneumonia in a week after noted the 47 - the anniversary, on Tuesday July 13, 1954. Next day relatives collected all its favourite jewelry: ancient, still pre-Columbian times, the necklace, cheap simple bagatelles from sea cockleshells which she especially loved - and put all this in the gray coffin established in Belyas Artes - Palace of fine arts.

It is improbable that somebody wanted to hang up Frida Khalo`s pictures penetrated by pain on walls of the dwelling, but her creativity and her strength of mind, undoubtedly, force to admire this legendary personality.