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Comedy Dictator . How not to start up democracy in the house?

Leave confusion vsyak entering here. It was silly to hope that a tandem of creators Borathat and Bruno in the new collaboration it will be indulgent to the thin sincere organization of the viewer. To it it is necessary to be prepared morally.

The same who had no honor to study Sacha Baron Cohen and Larry Charles`s former projects risk to receive the whole range of emotions. From simple bewilderment before aggressive rejection.

Heavy this dictatorial work. It is correct to place commas in the phrase To Execute it is impossible to pardon . It is possible even without punctuation, to explain with gestures. The nuclear board, besides, needs to be built. It is desirable peaked that rockets were better stuck to the enemy soil. Tortures are everyones, obnimashka with overseas miracles, in the morning - executions, in the evening - an interactive gameplay on elimination of the Jewish infection. It is sensitive you will relax, and - Bams! The next double lies heels to the sun, having nervously scattered brains on asphalt. And here still the western colleagues haul up on the carpet in the UN. Like, they do not like absence in separately taken Vadiya of a democratic system. It is necessary to report. Otherwise embargo and military cataclysm.

But the general glorified by itself admiral Aladin to America did not manage - to be declared as by request of the traitor - the military leader Thamir his local intelligence agencies shaved and released on free bread. Who without the well-known beard recognizes it now? For now Aladin loafs across Manhattan, his double - kozopas will sign new version of the Constitution of Vadiya. The democracy in the banana republic all the same will not come, but are already promised Thamir for open access to oil pools of 30%.

Such deal of events of Aladin does not arrange at all. It to the late father it is oath promised that the accountable people to the last gasp will snub. By means of new and old friends he is simply obliged to bring Thamir and his gang - a watering can clear water. And if on the way still it is possible to find the unshaven love in the person of the dissident Zoya, it is possible to consider that mission is executed by

In real life dictatorship, whether it be the proletariat or the certain tyrant, can become pernicious for millions. At cinema this subject is drawn under different corners. Seriously, as in Last king of Scotland or Kaligule . Or in a satirical key, as Charlie Chaplin in Great dictator and Woody Allen the " Bananas;. Sacha Baron Cohen went on the way, unique on all aspects. No, to Hitler it did not begin to thrust pineapple into a bum, the benefit such precedent already happened in Hollywood. But also especially was not going to stand on ceremony too. And experience of the previous statements was foreseen in Dictator in advance. It was dreamed only of that this time satires was more, and fekalno - - it is less sexual motives. But the counter did not lay down.

Authors (and some enthusiastic fans of Cohen) hurry to assure the viewer that in each joke there is a humour share. And that newly appeared Dictator - it is, first of all, political satire, but not a sortirny lampoon to please to commercial purposes. Just the American comedian has such peculiar style. It when bends a stick, surely breaks it in several places. For this reason Cohen`s creativity calls full scale of feelings: from rough pissing delight to angry stigmatization. And, as we know, truth somewhere in the middle because the untalented person at the thinking public cannot produce absolutely opposite opinions. Only Uwe Ball has the right to be associated with a trash entirely. Cohen, undoubtedly, is talented, but sometimes brings him.

As usual, authors densely kneaded everything that came to hand in salad. From the most obvious: racism, homophobia, chauvinism, anti-Semitism, bribability of politicians and stars, corruption, lameness of dissidents, dullness of cattle and cult of sex. And the level of jokes balances from decently - shining to full idiocy. Amusing dialogue in the helicopter on Arab bringing into panic horror of two initial Americans, alternates with a manual on masturbation and licking of unshaven female armpits. After Borathat the type of the thickets framing genital body does not shock a cinema hall any more though in wide Russian release the picture about the Kazakh journalist was just not started up. The problem is that in the States the rating system works rigidly, but also there in a position R (only for adults) can get on obscene Dictator and, for example, American ninjia . You feel a difference?

But we will leave sense of proportion of authors alone. Especially as in actual fact the similar impetuous mockery is not worse than the pathos Hollywood boyevichok propagandizing violence in the legalized form. Or perhaps better. Balancing too close to the foul, the actor as if teases the viewer, building not political correctness to a pedestal. It is necessary to be the gibbering idiot seriously to believe in peaceful intentions of powers with the nuclear weapon in a pocket. Or it is necessary to be the absolute ultraorthodox seriously to take offense at jokes about Jews. At least, in Hollywood where the Jewish community keeps a tight rein on the most part of film studios, Sacha Baron Cohen (too not the Arab, by the way) looks obviously more preferably than Mel Gibson. From others lips it is always heard more offensively, than from own. Therefore when the employee of the American intelligence agencies openly admits that all foreigners for him are Arabs, somehow necessarily believe in truthfulness of the statement.

In the movies Cohen - always the center of the universe. All others on its background are lost forever. Both Anna Feris, and sir Ben Kingsley, and very good actor John Sy Riley. At the same time neither Kingsley, nor Riley formally soiled because diligently avoided provocative scenes. As for Feris, her not to get used to participate in similar scandalous opuses. After four movies of film series Very terrible cinema the actress has nothing to lose. As well as to some quite issued stars, like Edward Norton or Meagen Fox, presented in Dictator incidental exits. I am not aware whether Tommy Lee Jones and Harvey Keitel were revolted with that context in which in a picture their names were mentioned. Apparently, to all participants of shootings absolutely to a star their reputation. It is a shame when it is visible, but it is not heard.

We will be honest, Dictator - especially entertaining fiction. The reality turned inside out for the only purpose - to make laugh to gripes. Shocking without excess pathos and morals in the final. Humour mainly black and not always to the inhabitant clear. Sometimes sketchevy, in the spirit of Benny Hil and brothers Marx, a time angry or absurd, but mostly neatly hitting into the purpose. And, Cohen remains is faithful to himself till the end. It throughout all marketing campaign of the movie did not leave an image, distributing interview in the general`s uniform - the admiral and defiling with " ashes; Kim Jong Il on the Oscar red carpet.

In such cases you catch yourself on thought that to laugh at fools guilty, but all the same you cannot keep.