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What is felt and seen by the person after death?

Despite a big variety of the circumstances connected with a close acquaintance with death, and also types of the people who endured it nevertheless are undoubted the fact that between stories about events at this moment there is an amazing similarity. Practically similarity between various messages is so big that it is possible to allocate about fifteen separate elements which occur among a large number of the messages collected by me again and again.

The person dies and while his physical sufferings reach a limit, he hears how the doctor recognizes him as the dead. He hears unpleasant noise, a loud ring or hum, and at the same time he feels that he moves with a high speed through the long tunnel. After that he suddenly finds himself out of the physical body, but in a direct physical environment, he sees an own body at distance as the foreign viewer. He watches attempts to return it to life, having this unusual advantage, and is in a condition of some emotional shock.

After a while he collects the thoughts and gradually gets used to the new situation. He notices that it possesses a body, but absolutely other nature and with absolutely other properties, than that physical body which he left. Soon to it there are also other events. To it souls of other people come to meet and help it. He sees souls of the died relatives and friends, and before him there is a shining being from whom such love and warm-heartedness what he never met proceeds. This being without words asks it the question allowing it to estimate the life and carries out it through the instant pictures of his life passing before its mind`s eye upside-down.

At some moment he finds out that he approached a certain barrier or the border representing, apparently, undressed between mortal and subsequent life. However he finds out that he has to return back on the earth that hour of his death did not come yet. At this moment it resists as now he learned experience of other life and does not want to come back. It is overflowed with feeling of pleasure, love and rest. Despite the unwillingness, he reunites nevertheless in some way with the physical body and is restored to life.

Later he tries to tell about all this to other people, but it is difficult for it to make it. First of all it is difficult for it to find in human language adequate words for the description of these unearthly events. Besides, he faces sneers and ceases to tell other people. Nevertheless the endured events exert deep impact on his life and especially on its ideas of death and its ratio with life.

It is important to notice that the description given above is not a statement of experience of any certain person. It is rather " model; association of the general elements which are found in many stories. I bring her here only to give a preliminary general idea about what the dying person can endure. It is necessary to stop, however, on some moments to enter the presented generalized material about agonal experience into the corresponding framework.

1. Despite amazing similarity between separate stories, any two of them were not absolutely identical (though some very approached it).

2. I did not meet any person at whose story there were all to one elements of the generalized experience. Very many reported about the majority of them, approximately about eight or more, and some mention to twelve.

3. There was no element of the generalized experience which would occur in stories of all people. Nevertheless some of these elements were almost universal.

4. In my generalized model there is no element which would occur only in one story. Everyone was found in many independent messages.

5. The order in which the dying person passes various stages which briefly are listed above can differ from that which is listed in mine theoretical " model;. For example, many people tell that they saw the shining being before or how they left the physical body, but not as it is given in model, i.e. a time later. However the order in which stages are put in models is very typical and strong deviations from it are rare.

6. How far comes dying in passing of stages of hypothetical full sequence of events depends on whether really it was in a condition of clinical death. Similar that people who were dead endured brighter and full experiment, than those which only approached death, and those which were are dead during longer period, came further those which were are dead during a short period.

7. Several people to whom I talked, were recognized as the dead, reanimated and in the subsequent story did not mention one of these general elements. Actually, they said that they cannot remember in general anything the death . Cases when I had to talk to people who were recognized as the dead repeatedly with a gap in several years are very interesting. They told that they did not test anything in one case, but had rather full experiment in another.

8. It is necessary to emphasize that I write generally about messages, reports and stories which people told me during conversations. Thus, when I say that this element generalized full there is no experience in this message, it does not mean that I surely mean that it did not take place in experience of this person. I only mean that this person did not speak to me about this element or that it is impossible to make a certain conclusion of his story that he endured it.