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What sexual problems at women?

With man`s sexual problems everything is simple: or the erection is, then achievement of an orgasm is possible, or it is absent then the orgasm is impossible.

Women, before testing an orgasm, pass through three stages, in each of which problems are possible. These stages: sexual desire (libido), excitement, moistening of genitals (release of greasing).

About 2/3 women have problems with achievement of excitement or an orgasm from time to time. With age the number of sexual problems at women, unlike men, decreases. In more detail about each stage.

Sexual desire. Absence of sexual desire is observed by

more often at women at the age of 20 - 30 years. What it speaks about? About what after the birth of the child of a libido at the woman decreases. Various factors, such as uneasiness, a stress, exhaustion, overfatigue, a psychological trauma, various diseases can influence absence of desire. Elimination of the problems connected with a stress and overfatigue requires collaboration with the partner and if a case serious, then intervention of the expert. Sometimes for increase of a libido hormonal therapy is used.

Excitement and release of greasing.

the Stage of excitement includes inflow of blood to a vagina, a uterus, a clitoris. The vagina extends and increases, happens to a clitoris pass - an erection. The increased inflow of blood causes secretion of transparent mucous liquid which does penetration easier and painless. If the man hurries, and makes penetration earlier, it leads to pain and loss of excitement.

At women after a menopause release of greasing is broken, and also become thinner and lose elasticity of a wall of a vagina. It influences sexual life. The situation is aggravated in case of such diseases as diabetes, a high blood pressure, when using anti-estrogenny medicines and radiation at a cancer therapy. It is possible to replace natural greasing in various ways. It can be lubricants, vaginal creams with hormones of estrogen and testosterone, vaginal suppositories with vitamin E. As good greasing serves also saliva. The lack of greasing and loss of elasticity of a vagina are less expressed at women who have regular sex.


Even at successful passing of the previous stages some women cannot reach an orgasm. In that case experts recommend to experiment with the body during masturbation. In that case the woman can study what rhythms and pressing are necessary for her for achievement of an orgasm, and to share the experience then with the partner.

Also distinguish from sexual problems a vaginizm . This rather rare frustration. The muscle at the vagina basis strongly clenches at introduction to it of any object, whether it be a penis, either a finger, or a tampon. Usually occurs at young women. The problem has psychological character and demands intervention of the expert.

A sexual aversiya - the extreme form of frigidity which resulted from violent sexual acts in relation to the woman. Treatment demands intensive psycho - and seksoterapiya.

Sexual problems at women carry more psychological, than physiological character. An important role in successful sexual life is played by the partner. Remember that anyway at emergence of any problems it is necessary to consult with the expert.