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How to struggle with cellulitis? A mesotherapy of

there are various methods of fight against cellulitis. We in brief will describe some of them and we will dwell upon a mesotherapy.

Liposuction. (Liposaction.) - it is a surgical method of removal of fatty layers by means of the special tubes of the cannulas attached to the vacuum device entered under skin. Such operation can be walked, buttocks, a stomach, hands, practically on all parts of the body.

It is necessary to remember that the liposuction is not used for removal of the drooped sites of skin and fatty tissue. Also operation is shown only for patients with good elasticity of skin.

The lack of a method of a liposuction is its considerable cost. Also during operation integrity of blood and lymphatic vessels can be broken.

Fatty injections. contrary to removal of fatty layers, uses a method of their increase here, but only so to hide dimples and hillocks. In these injections fatty tissue from other parts of a body is used. This procedure is used also for elimination of wrinkles and other shortcomings of skin. Results of procedure temporary. On average the result remains within 6 months.

Lifting of a lower body. (Cellulite lift or low body lift.) It is a surgery during which cuts are made for removal of excess fatty layers and integuments in a stomach. But it is necessary to remember that this way is a full-fledged surgery therefore the postoperative period rather big. Also it is necessary to take into account that after operation there are small scars.

Vakuumno - roller massage. In this procedure uses the special vacuum device with a roller nozzle with adjustable capture which allows to create symmetric fatty layers without hillocks and dents. The session of massage has to last about 30 - 45 minutes.

The whole series of such sessions is necessary for receiving visible result, however. Also It should be noted that the achieved results of a vremenna therefore for their maintenance it is necessary to resort to massage again and again.

Anti-cellulite creams. Are applied rather often. The basis of such creams includes the natural and synthetic ingredients stimulating combustion of fats.

Mesotherapy. (Mesotherapy.) These are intracutaneous microinjections of vitamins and minerals on insignificant depth (on the level of a middle part terms - mesoderms) by means of a special injector. It is carried out or an obkalyvaniye of all painful zone or a separate anatomic site, or introduction of a preparation to certain points.



obesity, local deposits of

fat eels, postacne scars

hems, extensions



chronic dermatosis


herpes, shingles

vascular pathology (teleangioektation, kuperoz)

alopetion (baldness) of

vitamin therapy

of Contraindication:

fear of a needle

zhelchekamenny illness

of Advantage of a mesotherapy:

physiology - the injected drugs are nontoxical that is especially important at our ecology

lack of age restrictions

long effect

almost total absence of contraindications

Lack of a mesotherapy.

the Only lack of a method - pricks. Sometimes after procedure there can to be for a while small sinyachka, but use of special guns for a mesotherapy and anesthetics of preparations brings to naught all unpleasant consequences and feelings.

There is a special technique of use of a mesotherapy for rejuvenation of face skin - mesolifting. The technique is successfully used in treatment of an acne illness.

At a mesotherapy for treatment of cellulitis the preparations splitting fibrosis, fatty deposits, zhelchegonny preparations, and the substances promoting a lymphatic drainage, removal of intercellular liquid, improving microcirculation and elasticity of skin (vitamins, silicon) are used. The additional effect is reached due to impact on the receptor device of skin. The cellulitis course of treatment by method of a mesotherapy makes 10 - 16 procedures with an interval of 7 - 10 days. To gain the maximum effect of a mesotherapy at treatment of cellulitis, experts recommend to influence at first the defeat centers by means of special lymphatic drainage massage (hardware or manual), then to hold mesotherapy sessions, and to consolidate the reached effect by other cosmetic procedures - vacuum massage and wrappings.

The mesotherapy should not be considered as a universal remedy at treatment of all stages of cellulitis. Most likely, the mesotherapy can be inefficient at cellulitis of the fourth stage and at hyper plastic obesity. At cellulitises of initial stages the mesotherapy can be considered not only as treatment but also and as process aggravation prevention.