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How to concentrate at work?

Day by day we try to concentrate on several tasks at the same time. As often by the end of day we understand that we practically did not manage to make a lot of things! It seems were taken with something the whole day, and the result is still far?!

How to concentrate at work that by the end of day not to guess about on what time and where this time actually departured was spent?

1. Accurately define the purposes.

Most important is to designate for itself accurate and quite clear purposes, and also to build a certain plan from subparagraphs which will help to reach them. Fix your purposes in writing. As soon as once again something distracts you during the working day, look at your purposes, and you right there again will concentrate on work.

2. Designate local goals (less global and large-scale purposes).

Of course, it is very important to have the global purposes, however it is not less important to define for itself narrower and less global local goals. These more small-scale local goals have to serve you as some kind of ladder on the way to one global purpose. Reaching systematically a local goal, you approach the end result. Besides, the solution of this or that local goal designated by you will always help to realize at what stage of a way you are and that else should be made.

3. You learn to place priorities

you Learn to place priorities and to allocate what tasks are more urgent, what more important (important for you, your future) at this certain moment. Remember that urgent tasks help you to do work in time. But not all urgent tasks are at the same time important (i.e. not all urgent tasks by all means play a fatal role in the future). Be able to assess correctly a situation and to decide that at present it will be more important for you.

4. Constantly make the report on what you already managed to make and that else should be executed. be Regularly verified by

with your plan, checking that is already made and that and remained outstanding. Include unresolved tasks in the plan of the next day that finally them you did not have.

5. Keep the choice in what sequence to solve problems.

Sometimes not always, coming in the morning to work, we can join in labor process right there. Sometimes time for forcing itself to work and to do something is required. Precious time is as a result wasted, and at the end of the day of unresolved tasks becomes even more. Begin the day with those tasks which you are ready to solve with pleasure or, at least, without negative at present. When you feel that the working mood already came, start the solution of tasks, less attractive to you.

6. Solve all most important issues in the first half of day. If had to work hard as

also without days off recently, reconstruct your schedule of work, having moved the most important and serious issues on the first half of day, and less important on the second. Such economical operating mode will help you to solve still attentively very serious problems and at the same time to give itself the chance to take rest a little in the second half of day.

7. You ask for help of your colleagues.

Every time when you stay in bad mood and you will show obvious unwillingness something to do, you ask your colleagues to remind of your purposes and of what has to be made surely today.

8. Besides the daily plan of work, do yourself reminders on the personal computer or on color stickers.

of the Reminder on a desktop of your computer or on bright stickers will also help you not to forget to perform this or that important task and will not allow to shirk work.