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Why spouses argue on monetary questions?

are a question of the power and control. Very often among two people one is interested in the order in money, another less more. It is natural that sooner or later more interested control over finance in a family undertakes, and it does not cause objections of the second half. But happens and so that the second half suddenly realizes the developed balance of forces and begins to try to loosen it that leads to the conflicts.

There are three main reasons for emergence of the monetary conflicts:

1. Overexpenditure of money one of spouses. In that case to you needs to be determined by

accurately a monetary framework to which you have to follow. Besides, it is recommended to set for a family the large object to which it is necessary to aspire, somehow to do savings on the new house, for study of children, on good summer holiday. And still you can always tell the more wasteful half: Why to buy new shoes, let`s save this money on... And both of you will understand that it is correct.

2. Daily planning of money.

what to spend money today or tomorrow for, causes the mass of friction as one of spouses who decided to undertake independently a role of the controller of the family budget speaks to another, on as as to it to spend.

To avoid such disputes, it is necessary to sit down, to discuss all controversial issues and to plan for what daily needs in your family money leaves. It is possible to make it in various ways. It is possible to divide the income of each family member into 2 parts, one of which goes on all-family needs, another remains at own order. Perhaps, you define other model which will suit more your family. However that your positive aspiration did not turn into the next quarrel, consider the following important points:

begin discussion of the plan in a quiet situation, but not during crisis;

define that money means what you want to spend them for to each of you.

Money is given to the person not as punishment, and as pleasure therefore and it is necessary to treat them respectively. Ask each other questions. Whether the fear or concern call in you money? Whether they are associated at you with freedom? How your parents handled money what their attitude towards them was? Among many couples there are unspoken rules of the handling of money, and so it should not be, you have to read before each other your personal rules. For example, a debt - it is bad or normal, to shop is an entertainment, etc. Each of you has to have some sum of money intended only for itself. It gives feeling of freedom, here you can spend and not think of your family accounts department.

3. Your roles.

Two persons cannot operate all spheres of family life at the same time. It is simply impossible. Normally, when one of spouses undertakes more responsibility in monetary questions. Badly and it is even dangerous when in the relations there is an imbalance, one spouses holds all financial questions in the hand, another does not know that occurs in the family financial sphere what accounts you have where important papers are stored. In this case at an unforeseen situation you will not be able to replace each other.