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About what Marik Chizano sings? Down with unemployment, protect the love and be happy!

Marik Chizano who is the ardent supporter of family values in perplexity from the fact that the centralized mass media rigidly propagandize things, not peculiar for Russia, namely imposing in subconsciousness of youth of opinion that for the birth of the child participation of both the man, and the woman is not obligatory at all and that the format of a family in 21 - m finds a century other direction is perfect.

Marik presents the new song Thanks, the darling, for the son .

- Why you decided to write the song on such subject?

- This song is very expensive to me. I think that many men passed through it. People absolutely different in this world. Someone was given everything and at once, and to someone hardly. But many do not want to wait and begin to act, making at the same time rash acts. It concerns also men and women. By youth we did all miscellaneous so much, at the same time did not listen to councils of the senior companions, taking it for a moral and education. But anyway, everyone has to pass the way independently to realize and feel on itself(himself) all delights black and white. Now speak much and sing about partings of two people, about stains and family problems. But the fact that practically it is always a problem not of two, but at least three people is very seldom remembered. Almost in all families there are children. I wanted to pay attention that not only adults suffer from the cooled-down feelings. The little boy who lost much more, than his parents became the hostage of circumstances of adulthood in this song.

- And how personally you treat similar stories when families in which there are children break up?

- different cases Happen. Really, sometimes the love between people cools down, or someone from spouses has feelings to other person. Perhaps, the family was initially established from simple hobby. If the relations are spoiled, the child should not see the parents oppressed and angry, though together. For it will know much better that parents not together, but they are happy, and, above all - dobras to it and pay it due attention.

- What your opinion on the further relations of people who were united earlier by a family?

- If the man lived with the woman, perhaps, without loving it, he never has to speak to someone about it badly. It is destiny weak. In - the first, she is a woman. And a lot of things are told these. In - the second, let and not for long term, but it was its choice. So that the man speaking of the former woman, to put it mildly, it is not flatter - characterizes itself from not absolutely good party.

- That is after divorce the husband and the wife can keep certain relations?

- Some part of feelings after a gap for certain remains in everyone. What occurs in female heart, to us, men not to understand. But the man always has to be gentle with that which once was him. Especially, if this woman presented to it the child. In the song in spite of the fact that there is no family any more, it is sung: Thanks, the DARLING, for the son . Whatever was in the relations with the woman, I will always love her as mother of my children.

- But anyway the child after divorce of parents has a stress. Whether it is better to keep families for the sake of children?

- children have the Bigger stress when they are in a family with the constant atmosphere of dislike. The main thing that after divorce both mother, and the father equally loved the child, found for it time and helped on life. If, for example, the son sees that, despite everything, his father respects mother and admires her as the woman and mother, then these qualities will be also in him.

I then, will pass time and it is possible to explain to the child everything, namely to reason the behavior at that time. In life, I repeat, a huge number of situations and not always only the man is guilty of these situations. But it does not remove need to be responsible for the act.

- What in your representation has to be an ideal family?

- First of all, a basis of a family. And only. Today it becomes very frequent a push to creation of a family for young people interesting situation brides. Of course, children - it is always remarkable. But is even more remarkable when the child is the planned stage of matrimonial life. As, unfortunately, majority pregnant women marriages shortly break up, and blame the born child that he married people foreign each other. Therefore I consider that the ideal family is a father, mother and then - children, their fruits of true love.

- What do you think of modern to a lonely roditelstvo when the person does not see need in the partner in life, but brings the child?

- I am sure that it is possible to call such people safely egoists, and, above all are the most unfortunate people. It means, life by passed. My opinion is categorical. No and no. The child has to be born only in a full-fledged family where mutual respect reigns. Where the father loves mother, and mother loves the father. Only such union will be able to provide to the child the correct education. You know what most of all enrages me in similar situations? It when mother, bringing up the daughter alone, since the childhood imparts her hatred to men and strongly recommends to give rise for herself, and to bring up, the daughter, we will bring up, I coped I saw such - brain blast is called.

U me the certain experience of communication with young girls is. Recently, at conversation with one of them, I found out that the father of her child even does not know that it has a child. This real marasmus and idiocy. She explains it with the fact that it is not worthy to call itself(himself) the father, and it will be better if he never learns about it. And who knows, can after when he learns about paternity, in it responsibility and desire to care for the child will wake up?

- And what it is possible to tell about same-sex couples which adopt children or use services of substitute parents?

- I want to condemn nobody, I do not care at all. I appreciate the time and I do not want to spend minutes for nonsense. By the nature and God it is thought over that when the daughter grows in a family, she studies at mother how to become the woman, and the father accustoms her to be weak and to count on a male shoulder. The boy at the father studies courage, and, looking at mother, forms the attitude towards women. It is the centuries-old scheme. As the child will be able to experience all this when mother and father same-gender? What, for example, the man will be able to teach to the son or the daughter when he tests weakness to a male?

- How about families where children are not wanted to be had at all?

- Of course, a question of the birth of children - a personal record of each spouses. Many, owing to the developed circumstances, are solved on the child not at once. But the main thing that the family as a cell of society, was full. Sooner or later the husband and the wife understand that in a family they lack children. But to live in marriage all life for in my opinion, it is not correct. With the child efforts come to the house, but also the pleasure comes. It strengthens marriage. And each family has to test feelings of paternity and motherhood!

Another thing is that it is necessary to care for the health and health of the person close to you and not to lose hope. I have acquaintances to whom 10 years god did not give children, and now they bring up two boys and this real happiness! Just they were not exhausted and loved each other. Forgave, understood and made.

- What you would wish or would advise young people who solve today: whether to marry whether to get in it is mute children?

- the Main thing - to be sure of the feelings. If the person is sure that he feels love, and it is mutual, then there are no barriers to creation of a family. Further you should not be afraid of family disorders and to be given after the first quarrel. It is always simpler to break, than to build. You should not accept quick negative decisions. As for children - give birth and enjoy this pleasure! Children - it is fine! It is decoration of each family.

Remember, the love is, first of all, work! Down with unemployment), protect the love and be happy!