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How to increase financial literacy of children?

Children have to have a clear idea of what is money for what they serve and as it is correct to treat them. It is necessary in order that they could be guided in the future well in adulthood and be able to earn so much how many for them it is necessary, to make the right financial decisions. How to make it?

1. To explain from where money undertakes.

everything Becomes very simply. The paper leaf undertakes, the sum which you earn is represented, then all that you have to give in a type of tax is subtracted, pay for the apartment, etc. The result shows that remains personally to you that you can spend. From this sum you take away that which is spent for food. There is the fact that you can spend for toys, clothes, etc. Now your child visually sees why you cannot buy to him this or that expensive toy and in general buy to him everything that he will want.

2. To define quantity of pocket money which you give to the child.

can Make it the following, a little original way. To give in a week it is so much how many corresponds to its age. For example, $7, 7 euros or 70 rubles. And, this quantity has to be regular, further you can give it more money as encouragement for something.

3. To show how pocket money has to work. Tell

to the child as it is possible to distribute the received funds. For example, 1/3 or 2/3 it is possible to postpone for some large purchases or future purpose, for example, on training which to become more and more paid. Thus, the child will learn to separate important acquisitions from unimportant what he in principle cannot learn if decisions what to buy, you take for it.

4. Any tips. it Is as if cruel

did not sound, you need to cease to buy to the child of a toy, computer games, CD, DVD (generally, any excesses) as soon as you began to give it pocket money. There are several reefs. In - the first, you have to give to the child enough in order that he could save up for the thing wished them. In - the second, you in a family have to have an accurate differentiation between excesses and need which have to observe as well adults, and not just the child.

5. Training of responsibility. you can train in

the child of responsibility on the example of cleaning on the house or on any other, chosen as you. It is better when it is several options when for the child there is a possibility of the choice. It is possible to give the following model which well will suit you as an example if you, parents, - people accurate and always put all back. Sense in the following. If the child forgot to clean into place any thing (a toy, CD, a sweater, etc.), you take away it in a special parental basket. There it as a penalty has to be stored, say, day three. If the child very needs this thing, and he cannot wait for three days, then there is an opportunity to redeem it for purely symbolical sum from his pocket money. Nevertheless, understanding that you have to spend the personal funds for correcting fruits of the carelessness accustoms the child to responsibility. Next time it prizadumatsya and whether it is worth doing so. However once again I emphasize if you are people inaccurate, then it would be cruel and unfair to accustom the child to accuracy. Though in this case there is exit. You can be accustomed to accuracy together. That is, child redeems you have things, and you - the at the child.