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How to stop quarreling concerning money?

your talk on money quickly turn into dispute, or you in general avoid talk on this subject? Do not despair.

Even the rich quarrel concerning money. The person can want bigger constantly. Besides, men and at women have a different relation to money. There are some councils which you can accept to cope with this problem.

Realize the relation to money.

you like to spend money or before making a purchase, you will find such place where what you buy, costs most cheaper?

Learn to share the feelings. by

Choose the quiet place to talk about a monetary question. At the same time you should not get the list and specify that it spent so much and so many, and you so much and so many. It is not necessary to accuse each other. Try to state all the fears and fears about it, and also your views of maintaining the family budget, to tell about that model to which you got used. Try to understand a monetary position of your partner. Even if your views coincide not at all points, normal dialogue will help you to find the acceptable option on the matter.

Build the accurate plan.

of Couple often find a common language, so far as concerns far prospects, but cannot find a common language at the solution of daily problems. You have to represent in the slightest details what you aspire to that you had no disputes at the intermediate stages of achievement of your purpose. Define what you aspire to: to financial independence or to that your work brought you the sum necessary on expenses now, and you still could postpone for the future.

Emergency ration.

Each of you has to have some part of money only for the expenses. Not to feel in something limited or not to suffer a remorse on the fact that you spent the family budget.

Present yourself on the place of other person.

you can change over for some time. For example, if one of you the squanderer, and constantly tries to save another. Or, for example, if one constantly goes shopping, and another pays bills for various services. Look what to be on the place of other person.

Opinion of the third party. Helps

if you absolutely reached a deadlock. Of course, it has to be opinion of the person to which you trust, and competent in the field. It can help you to define your purposes and to find strategy of their achievement, and also will reveal areas of collision of your interests.