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To do or not to do inoculations to the child?

Exist on extreme belief two militant camps both among physicians, and among the simple fellow citizens having cardinally opposite views on expediency of carrying out preventive vaccination (in other words inoculations).

1. A look the first (officially - medical). the Inoculation can save life of your child. The majority of diseases from which do inoculations are extremely dangerous, namely:

Poliomyelitis: the Virus influences nervous system and conducts to paralysis and even death if paralyzed there are breast muscles.

Diphtheria: the Serious illness of a throat which can extend to heart and nervous system.

Tetanus: Killing disease; is caused by bacteria and leads to paralysis of muscles with painful spasms.

Whooping cough: Is caused by bacteria and is followed by painful fits of coughing which sometimes come to an end with vomiting and convulsions.

Meningitis: the Heavy inflammation of a brain caused by bacteria.

Measles: Viruses of measles cause diseases of respiratory organs and convulsion; the illness can lead to damage of a brain.

Mumps: the Viral disease which is expressed in a painful inflammation of salivary glands; causes complications of nervous system and meningitis.

Rubella: the Viral disease which is followed by rash and high temperature; leads to severe defeats of a fruit if mother got sick during pregnancy.

2. A look of the second (protivoborstvuyushche - parental). the Same inoculation can do harm to health of the child and even to cripple it for the rest of life. And supporters of these views believe that:

danger of children`s diseases is strongly exaggerated. Moreover, the statistics such is given: the chance to die of heavy collateral reaction of an inoculation of AKDS was 1 to 1750 while the chance to die of whooping cough made one to several million (Alan Phillips (USA) Denial of myths of inoculations ) .

distribution of infectious diseases decreased in the developed countries not due to vaccination, and due to increase of hygienic culture. All figures about distribution of infections are given according to Third World countries, such as Africa.

consequences of inoculations lead to such serious diseases as a syndrome of sudden child mortality of newborns, juvenile diabetes, autism, asthma, ORZ, neurosis, etc.

Legal aspect of the matter is regulated by the Federal law of the Russian Federation of September 17, 1998 N 157 - Federal Law About immunoprevention of infectious diseases .

In this law are regulated the rights and duties of citizens, in particular that citizens have the right to obtain all information on a vaccine, on consequences, on terms of carrying out and contraindications. In the same place it is specified that citizens have the right for refusal, but they are obliged to declare it in writing. And that is in my opinion very important: Preventive inoculations are carried out with the consent of citizens, parents or other lawful representatives of the minors and citizens recognized incapacitated .

of Any instructions on the fact that the child cannot be accepted in a kindergarten without inoculations, here not though it can be applied by temporary refusal in a reception of citizens in educational and improving institutions in case of developing of mass infectious diseases or at threat of emergence of epidemics . In practice the certificate of inoculations is demanded literally everywhere: in a kindergarten, in the pool, in camp and depending on opinion of administration even very easily can refuse to you school.

Now several words about preliminary surveys of children. In very small amount of policlinics they are really done. Moreover, often do to the grown-up children of an inoculation without the knowledge of parents in kindergartens and schools. And meanwhile it is forbidden and it is dangerous as there is a lot of contraindications. Not to mention that even after the postponed ORZ vaccination can be carried out not earlier than 1 month after recovery.

Well and at last, moral aspect of responsibility to the child. Once done vaccination can save life not only to your children, but also your grandsons (see about a rubella). Therefore each parent has to make decisions for himself independently.

Personally I as mummy, I adhere to a number of rules. to DO

of the Inoculation, but:

1) not to do with all . As it means at school or to a kindergarten without parents.

2) is obligatory to conduct examination of the child at doctors to whom you trust, including the pediatrician, the gastroenterologist, the neuropathologist, the nephrologist, the cardiologist and the allergist.

3) to Check certificates and date of the validity of a vaccine. Surely demand full information on each vaccine which will be entered to your child. In case of failure to provide it write refusal with the indication of the reason.

4) Always to watch that the child was completely healthy , and after the last disease passed at least 1 month.

5) to Pay attention to the syringe and respect for hygiene by the medic.

it is better for i to take the Syringe with itself. Surely ask the nurse to wash up hands.

6) to Watch the child before and after an inoculation. At the slightest signs of an indisposition call an ambulance immediately. Never plan any actions in inoculative days. If to you appointed an inoculation in 1 year, then go to policlinic not before birthday, and after it when the child calms down after abundance of the impressions received on the first holiday.

Good luck!