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Melodrama Midnight in Paris . Why Woody Allen moved to Europe?

The grass is always greener on the other side. Once singing of the small homeland, Woody Allen prefers New recently - to York the European landscapes. Vicki Christina Barselona Midnight in Paris Roman vacation . As well as pulls any prosperous pensioner, Allen on an old age in travel why his creativity only wins, though loses backward color.

Like the creator, the hero of his movie Midnight in Paris too seeks to escape from close fetters of reality and routine, however comes to unfavourable conclusions.

The screenwriter Gil successful, but dissatisfied with the low-standard creativity comes to Paris in search of inspiration for the first novel. Alas, its tourist sortie is saddened by presence of the bride Inez and her snobs - parents. Future father-in-law and the mother-in-law Gila do not transfer to spirit, but are forced to wrinkle a nose furtively while their daughter runs on the Parisian shops in search of a situation for a lodge for newlyweds.

For the screenwriter Paris - almost sacral corner of the Universe. He dreams to walk in the rain on the Champs Elysee, to have a dinner in the Pro-cop cafe and to take a look at appetizing legs of dancers in Moulin Rouge. And instead, in the company of Inez and her American friends, the pseudo-intellectual Paul and his girlfriend Helen, dangles along banal tourist routes. Versailles, Louvre, Eiffel Tower. Especially Gil would not like philosophizing of Paul to which he with pleasure would shut a mouth, but obediently vnemlt.

One night Gil managed to beat off an annoying burden and decided to walk. The poor fellow, stray in search of hotel, was picked up in the imperceptible lane by the cheerful company on a magnificent rare car. What surprise of the writer who found himself in Paris 20 - x years of the last century was. For several evenings travel in time Gil managed to get acquainted personally with the idols - Ernest Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald and his wife Zelda, Gertrude Stein, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Luis Bunuel. In smart and to impossibility realistic glitches Gil also meets charming Adriana who will become his guiding star in understanding of the reasons of so strange movements through time to

Woody Allen, of course, the old man authoritative, but with age and it did not manage to avoid a nostalgia attack. However, the director never refused to itself pleasure to walk on eras. In the absurd comedy Love and death he transferred the hero to the beginning of the 19th century. Removed it is black - white Selig . Also forced the modest waitress Cecilia from Purple rose of Cairo to fall in love with a star of silent cinema. As if without wishing to stay in the present, Allen persistently transports the viewer in affairs of the last days.

Director`s and scenario style (Woody Allen practically does not work with someone else`s texts) is guessed from first minutes of the movie. The slow narration, familiar initial credits in which habitually there are no stars, only actors in alphabetical order. Performers, by the way, do not take offense, and queue more often that though for an instant, in any kind or a pose to be lit at the master.

Not that it gives some cards - Blanch, to Allen there are not for the sake of prestige or money, and just just for the hell of it works with the great master. In particular, for participation in At Half of the night in Paris to the project such brilliant performers as Michael Shin, Cathie Bates, Tom Hiddleston were almost free of charge attributed for bit and supporting roles (absolutely unlike Loki of Avengers ) and Adrian Brody. And, by the way, Carla Bruni, the wife already now the being president of France with which participation small scandal was connected.

Midnight in Paris - very touching, sincere, imperceptibly romantic movie. In it there is few company allenovsky humour, such mix of the Jewish scepticism and absurdism. It also is clear, the director who for quite some time now grew old ceased to play leading roles in own pictures, having assigned to the scenario creativity to young people (or not really) and by all means talented. Among those who were inexpressibly lucky recently - Javier Bardem and Scarlett Johansson ( Vicki Christina Barselona ), Alec Baldwin and Roberto Benigni ( Roman vacation ) and, certainly, Owen Wilson, Rachael McAdams and Marion Kotiyyar in At Half of the night in Paris .

Allen admitted to the press that ceased to shoot the film in New - York not only from creative messages, but also from - for banal shortages of finance. It is clear, that frame of a film crew of the director accompanies everywhere, but producers of his pictures refuse to overpay for auxiliary materials and services recently. And the difference can make millions of dollars. Considering that absolute majority of works of Allen - low budget dramas and melodramas, shootings in the city which never sleeps can easily double or even to treble the budget.

But we will return to our rams. It is impossible to tell that Midnight in Paris - the best of late Allen. The director began to play about actively longueurs and pauses, stretching the narration and smearing a plan on timing. In this plan its masterpieces were more exact, more coherent. That on the screen cut plain truth from first seconds, the similar measured step is capable to cause yawning and misunderstanding in the present viewer who got used. What is concrete to At Half of the night in Paris incessant sendings to idols of the past do not allow a brain of audience to relax too. At least, it is necessary though approximately to imagine Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Stein and Bunuel`s value for world art. Only in this case widely open mouth of Owen Wilson will be perceived as self-evident.

About what the movie, is asked? That our life quite often seems to us an insignificant event in intergalactic scale. For the main character the present is empty and sad whereas the past is represented to him gold era and life cradle . Without meeting understanding at, apparently, loved one, he really (or it is virtual, in a picture this moment up to the end does not clear up) is had there where his soul, not a body lives. Acquaintance to the great writers, artists, cinematographers flooding narrow Parisian small streets helps it to find harmony in own life. And recognition of that fact that we will always grieve for the past, idealizing these or those eras, induces him to make a step towads to own future.

The critical brotherhood, as usual, warmly accepted the next romantic exercise of Woody Allen. Americans even showed a bit of generosity on Oscar for the best original scenario. The tape unexpectedly for all, despite viscosity of the narration and flirtation with classics, became a cash hit, having earned nearly 150 mln. dollars on the world. Last time the commensurable success accompanied his picture Vicki Christina Barselona in 2008 when the picture lacked real kopeks before capture 100 - a million boundary. Now precisely its new, still anonymous project in San - Frantsisko will receive more large-scale financial aid. Thank God that it will not affect quality at all.