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Russians lose to Europeans on the level of knowledge?

of 28 percent of Russians are sure that the Sun rotates around Earth, and 30 percent consider that the first people were contemporaries of dinosaurs. The data of poll published on April 20, 2007 are that.

Within the research conducted by the All-Russian Center of Studying of Public Opinion (ARCSPO) among 1600 adult residents of 153 Russian cities and settlements, respondents were offered to agree or disprove 13 statements. Among the options offered by sociologists there were both statements, right from the scientific point of view, and popular beliefs.

Except rotation of the Sun around Earth and the first people - contemporaries of dinosaurs, the greatest difficulty in respondents was caused by statements: Antibiotics kill viruses also well, as well as bacteria (45 percent of the wrong answers and 30 percent - correct) and All radioactivity - work of the person (57 percent of the wrong answers, 30 - correct). It was simplest to cope with questions about very hot center of Earth and the continuing movement of continents . The wrong answers to these questions were given by only 8 percent of respondents.

In general very good scientific knowledge (10 - 13 correct answers) showed 22 percent of Russians, bad knowledge (no more than 5 correct answers) showed 27 percent from number of respondents. Other participants gave the correct answers to 6 - 9 questions.

During poll also it became clear that only the fifth part of respondents trusts only scientific knowledge, and the others allow presence at life of supernatural forces. They believe in God (55%), destiny (42%), signs (23%), requital for sins (19%), supernatural force (16%), horoscopes (10%).

According to researchers, the residents of the countries of the European Union answering similar questions of statisticians showed wider erudition.

Data of poll among inhabitants of Europe show that the number of the people having very good scientific knowledge was much higher - 43 percent of respondents managed to give the correct answers at least to 10 offered questions. Only 5 percent of Europeans did not manage to answer more, than five questions.

Despite in general higher level of the shown knowledge, with the statement that the Sun rotates around Earth, in the European Union even the bigger number of respondents, than in the Russian Federation - 29 percent of respondents agreed. Unlike Russians, bigger number of inhabitants of the European Union do not know that electrons there are less atoms - respondents from the EU have 29 percent of the wrong answers, at participants of poll from the Russian Federation - 20 percent).

Really everything is so bad?

Head of department of social researches of the All-Russian center of studying of public opinion Elena Pakhomova: I would not begin to draw such deeply going conclusions. Certainly, rather disturbing data. But to speak about IQ of our nation, all - it is necessary to conduct more in-depth and correct studies. What we received, not absolutely good indicator for national literacy, but is the first call for carrying out more careful researches .