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What tools are necessary to the cosmetologist?

you would like to be engaged in the most beautiful and joyful business from all existing on light? You would like to work with inspiration and with pleasure how the kind wizard, generously allocating people with beauty, cheerfulness, excellent health, remarkable mood and presentable charm? If you already perform a religious rite in fantastic shop of improvement by the nature of these advantages, creations of a harmonious image and a stylish make-up, then you - is unconditional, the happy person Cosmetology in translation from Greek means

art to decorate itself and it can be divided on medical and decorative. Medical happens preventive, diagnostic and medical. Decorative shares on household and theatrical. The problem of medical cosmetology consists in ensuring health of skin, hair and all organism in general (preventive is directed to prevention of problems, diagnostic to their timely recognition, medical solves already arisen). And decorative has to emphasize beauty of identity and make defects of appearance if those take place to be, imperceptible or even charming.

The cosmetology was recognized by the independent section of medicine in 1933 on the International congress of dermatologists in Bucharest. Its scientific baggage is based on achievements of dermatology, gerontology, neuropathology, physical therapy, surgery and hygiene.

The cosmetologist treats face skin, necks, a hair, corrects defects of appearance by means of the special equipment and professional cosmetics. It gives to people winged sentiments own irresistibility and therefore for it as for anybody another, reliable suppliers of the qualitative latest equipment, cosmetics and accessories from the best producers that its authoritative beauty shop was the most popular are important.

Clean face skin - the first step to beauty. Professional approach allows to carry out this procedure most competently and responsibly. The powerful rejuvenating peeling system is directed to simultaneous restoration and restructuring of skin. A chemical peeling - one of the most popular cosmetology procedures. It is carried out by means of fruit or AHA - acids (glycoleft, trikhloruksusny) which are applied during procedure with a thin layer. Exists professional or saloon version of a chemical peeling and house. In salon it is possible to carry out the deep peeling which is effectively rejuvenating skin, eliminating eels and consequences of an acne illness. In house conditions for maintenance of effect use the creams and gels containing weak concentration of fruit acids.

Special means for complex professional depilation use for preparation of skin for an epilation, its effective carrying out and care of skin after removal of hair. Classical and high-quality fruit wax in banks and in cartridges, the set of accessories for depilation will make procedure simple and fast and, the main thing, pleasant for the client.

Comfortable feelings, pronounced obvious results after the first procedure and low price do to one of the most popular and pleasant cosmetic procedures a parafinoterapiya. The medical effect of paraffin is caused both chemical, and thermal, and mechanical influence. Chemical is explained by existence in paraffin and the used curative emulsion of a number of biologically active agents of rassasyvayushchy, anti-inflammatory and spazmolitichesky action. At intensive thermal influence stress of muscles is removed, pain, an usilivayutsyamikrotsirkulyation and exchange processes disappears, active ingredients get deeply into skin, doing it soft and gentle, instantly removing irritation, a peeling and smoothing wrinkles. Mechanical (compression) effect of paraffin is connected with reduction of its volume when hardening. As a result of a compression the tone and elasticity of skin raises.

An anti-cellulite wrapping parafango on the basis of the principles of heattreatment and thalassotherapy (sea treatment) provide with dirt the guaranteed loss of volumes in noticeable centimeters and improvement of elasticity of skin. The effect provides influence by means of special accessories of mix of paraffin and the micronized sea dirt. From here and the name - parafango ( " steam; - paraffin, fango - from Latin " dirt;) . The most effective - sea dirt with extracts of active agents.

Collagenic alginate lifting - masks use for modeling of a face form, moistening and a tonization of face skin and a neck. They are effective for the express - leaving, allowing to achieve noticeable results for a short period. For strengthening of effect of alginates the hydrolyzed collagen which provides more intensive operation and allows to prolong effect is added to structure. These masks strongly won the leading positions in cosmetology. Combining properties of alginates, the live curative force of natural plant extracts and achievement of the last scientific biotechnological developments, alginate masks with collagen actively restore health of skin and return it the fresh, shining look.

How you think why the sunbed is necessary? That the white topic dizzily emphasized a bronze shade of your skin? Not only. The lack of ultraviolet rays is dangerous to any live organism (as well as surplus). Syndrome light starvation worsens health and working capacity, causes diseases of skin and bones, sharply reduces immunity. And as we lack the sun obviously, the sunbed can partially compensate it at least. But there are still special cosmetics which accelerate development by skin of melanin, a natural pigment of the organism which is carrying out function of a protective barrier. Fast production of melanin protects skin and increases intensity of suntan, and the shortcoming increases risk of emergence of reddening and irritation of skin. Therefore in a sunbed very much it is even useful to use cosmetics for suntan.

As a result of long researches in the field of development of original modern high-tech cosmetology combines the revolutionary method of disposal of cellulitis, puffinesses, problems with blood circulation, a muscular atoniya appeared. Painless, comfortable and effective procedures on the basis of a unique combination of techniques of ultrasound, chromotherapy, infrared beams, vacuum massage, an elektromiostimulyation will allow to achieve in short terms the resistant and expressed effect in work on a body esthetics.

For comfortable health of the most exacting client in salon, smartbuy are very important for effective work of the expert esthetic and convenient, competent on design [. ru/b2b/795/] furniture and perfect cosmetology equipment [/URL]. There are no trifles - play a role as SPA - capsules, darsonval, sterilizers, vaporizers, microcurrents and cosmetology combines, and trivial couches, tables and chairs from reputable firms with the first-class service.

Modern esthetic medicine - one of the most high-growth directions. Choosing the latest techniques and technologies, she is guided by the leading level, multifunctionality, immediate effect and comfort when using, choosing the most effective remedies from all arsenal. Only in this case clients are waited by the shining smiles.

If you the individual entrepreneur, the cosmetologist, the massage therapist or the medic, at your disposal the magic tools capable to make also itself, and people around happy. If not yet, then it is worth ending courses of cosmetologists, and all arsenal for this grateful and pleasant mission - in your hands!