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Siding - what is it?

In translation from English the word siding ( siding ) means external covering . For the first time it appeared in the USA in 50 - x years of the XX century. Today the siding is used both when finishing new, and at reconstruction of old buildings.

Exists different types of a siding: metal, wooden, vinyl. From all types of a siding, thanks to the operational characteristics and consumer properties, vinyl is most widespread: it is beautiful, unpretentious in operation and is very widely presented at the Russian market.

The metal siding for finishing in housing housing construction in Russia is used extremely seldom. The matter is that panels of a steel siding are rather heavy therefore its installation from designs of the building requires the raised stock of the bearing ability. Besides, corrosion instability of a metal siding demands additional expenses during its operation.

The aluminum siding is easily deformed therefore at pogruzochno - discharging too big percent of material is often rejected. Besides, relative high cost of material determines the increased cost of an aluminum siding, in comparison with vinyl.

Wooden of all types of a siding it is considered the most eco-friendly. However a wooden siding - the most short-lived and demanding the largest level of operational costs.

Thus, only one type of a siding - vinyl is most often applied to finishing of houses. The vinyl siding represents the panels manufactured of polyvinylchloride (PVC) by an extrusion method. Their length - from 2 to 6 m, width - 10 - 30 cm, thickness - 0,96 - 1,2 mm. The profile of a vinyl siding can be two types - fir-tree and ship board . In the first case it imitates finishing of a wall the wooden panels joined with an overlap, in the second - just thick boards. The outer side of a siding can be as the relief, imitating fibers wood, and smooth. The profile of material and its textural registration have no significant effect on durability of a design.

Technologically installation of a siding is exclusively simple. Traditionally, panels of a siding are mounted horizontally, with an overlap. Separate elements easily connect among themselves, allowing to receive sections of any sizes. In the lower part of each panel there is a lock - a latch, in top - the punched edge for fastening to a wall by means of nails (self-tapping screws) and reciprocal part of the lock - a latch. The covering is sewed on a wall, beginning from below. The lock of the top panel slams on the lower reciprocal part, closing, thus, the punched edge.

Except panels, facing of a facade will require also the accessories necessary for interface of surfaces of facades in the different planes, in corners, around window and doorways, on a ceiling, eaves svesa, pediments etc. They give to a structure a ceremonial and complete look. Most often these elements have white color thanks to what they accurately outline lines of the building, are perfectly combined with any color and approach any style.

The vinyl siding is suitable practically for any facade, it can be mounted both on metal, and on a wooden framework. It can also be mounted on the wall of any type - plastered, wooden, concrete, brick thanks to what it finds broad application both when finishing new buildings, and at reconstruction of old, allowing to reduce the cost of works and at the same time to execute them qualitatively and in short terms.

A vinyl siding - material not only strong, but also elastic. It is capable to bear casual blows without deformation and destruction. On condition of the correct installation to panels the sun and a frost are not terrible, they maintain considerable temperature drops. The damaged elements quite easily are dismantled, and on their place new are inserted.

Quality of a siding is provided first of all with the additives entered into its structure. For example, additives which interfere with polyvinylchloride aging process are responsible for durability. Due to inclusion of such additives some producers give a guarantee for the siding for up to 50 years.

At installation of a siding it is possible to warm the house at the same time. So, in the process of construction of a wall become covered with paroizolyatsionny material, in a framework of an obreshyotka the heater is established, then - a layer of waterproofing material and only then it is sewed siding. Thus, the house is warmed outside therefore the area of internal rooms does not decrease.

Installation of a siding can be carried out as independently, and by means of assemblers. If you decide to mount a siding by own efforts, in detail study the instruction for installation and strictly adhere to the recommendations made in it. Producers, as a rule, supply the production with the detailed instruction for installation. In it are described as the elementary operations (a covering of big surfaces of walls), and standard solutions of constructive knots (internal and external corners, a frame of windows, seal of sves of a roof etc.). And some producers even propose constructive solutions for the same knot in several options.

Finishing can be carried out practically at all seasons of the year including at high rate of works.