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Eternal fight against excess weight. How to reduce the caloric content of meat dishes?

Not so long ago I looked at transfer about world renowned nutritionists and learned that the vast majority of them died of the methods of weight loss and the wrong way of life developed by them.

In various diets refusal of any products usually is the cornerstone of food. That is the proteinaceous diet, bezbelkovy, bezuglevodny, bezzhirovy, vegetarianism is not diets, but a stress for our organism. You should not lurch from one extreme to the other. Our organism very difficult design, and shortage of these or those elements can negatively be reflected in ours health.

It is necessary to eat all products, for something they exist. Fats, proteins and carbohydrates - an integral part of our organism. And how it is possible to exist, chewing the whole day one vegetables, or, on the contrary, there are three times a day continuous meat? I cannot imagine such terrible things.

Very long time I was searching. Having tried a large number of diets, I came to a conclusion that any of them does not suit me. Recently I just eat less and I eat less high-calorie food. If to adhere to such program of food, then it is possible to hold the optimum weight easily.

If you want to lose at first excess weight, then it is worth trying one more cunning - is not after 18:00 . Scientists of a definite answer cannot give whether harmfully to it, but I can tell one: it is considered that after 18:00 the metabolism is slowed down also all food eaten at this time turns into fatty tissue, therefore, we recover.

At me not always it turns out to hold itself after 18:00. It is necessary to remember one thing: the last meal has to be in 4 hours prior to a dream . If I lay down at 22:00, then after six and it is simple to hold itself. And if at 24:00, then it is possible and to have a bite at 19:30. Of course, I will not begin to eat at the same time anything heavy, any bread, sweet - and I will not gather extra kilos.

There is also one more cunning. If you suddenly broke the mode, but do not want to do any physical exercises then tidy up in the apartment. Will be to wipe dust enough and to vacuum a floor. Or as one my acquaintance did: will eat and goes to play the " cards;. However, it is not absolutely simple game. It took a pack, scattered cards on the room, then collected, bending behind each card.

And now about the main thing. How to reduce the caloric content of dishes from meat? Dietary meat products know everything. This light chicken meat, meat of a turkey and beef meat. I never refuse meat, I try to eat any, but it is less than pork and mutton.

I, probably, was lucky - I very much love chicken meat . It is low-calorie, tasty and useful. At preparation of chicken it is necessary to protect himself from excess consumption of fat. For example, to bake chicken. Here your imagination is where to clear up! I will provide the recipes the caloric content of which answers the dietary purposes.

Chicken in orange and a basilica: 1 big bunches of a basil, 2 oranges, 1 kilogram of chicken meat, salt, pepper.

We crush a basil and oranges without peel in the blender. We salt chicken, we pepper and we place in the received sauce. We pickle within an hour. It is possible to pickle directly in a frying pan. We bake without fat addition. We receive gentle chicken meat and gravy to a garnish.

Chicken in kefir: 1 - 2 glass of kefir, 2 large bulbs, 1 carrots, 1 kilogram of chicken breast, salt, pepper, thyme.

We cut onions half rings, circles and we mix carrots together with chicken. Salt, pepper and a thyme is added to taste. We fill in chicken with kefir that it covered her all. We pickle within an hour and it is baked. We receive soft and juicy chicken, and besides gravy to a garnish.

Stewed chicken with honey and soy sauce: 2 bulbs, 1 carrots, 1 kilogram of chicken meat, 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of honey, salt, pepper.

We mix small cut onions and carrots with chicken, in 0,5 glasses of water we dissolve honey and we add soy sauce, we fill in chicken, we add salt and pepper to taste. We put on slow fire.

If you decided to indulge yourself with soup, sauce or borsch, then when cooking any meat it is necessary to merge the first broth. Then it will turn out less high-calorie, transparent, saturated and without the content of substances, harmful to a figure.

Beef meat can be eaten in any kind. It is possible to prepare it according to the same recipes, and also something is possible another. Here an example of one exotic and low-calorie dish from beef for a holiday.

Beef with bananas: 1 bulbs, 3 bananas, 1 kilogram of beef, sour cream, 100 g of cheese, salt, pepper.

To cut with rings onions. To lay out on a baking sheet bottom. On onions to lay out the beaten-off meat, previously having salted and having peppered. To grease slightly with sour cream. On meat to lay out the bananas cut by circles. To grease with sour cream and to rub on everything a little cheese. To bake at a temperature of 200 degrees. If to count the caloric content of this recipe, no more than 190 kcal / 100 g will turn out. It is not much.

If you intend to grow thin, then it is necessary to refuse pork . And if you cannot make it well in any way, then eat it in the morning or during the lunchtime. But not for dinner.

Good luck and weight loss pleasant to you!. Oh, appetite!