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Eternal fight against excess weight. How to reduce the caloric content of dishes?

Are difficult to force to grow thin itself, but there is a strong wish to look good, and the most important - to feel healthy. It is not simple to find healthy and healthy food in the modern world. All shops are filled up with semi-finished products and products with high content of preservatives.

Semi-finished products - it is very convenient, available, and, above all, simply, but sometimes it is not useful at all. As fast - foot. We know that it is harmful, but sometimes we dare to intercept something - to eat a hamburger or juicy jotas - a mastiff. To arrange itself the holiday stomach it is possible, but only sometimes.

However not to put on weight, but also to lose extra kilos, a little patience and persistence is necessary.

Let`s think about what we eat how and when. Elena Malysheva says that in Russia all obesity - mayonnaise. Mayonnaise - the first product which should be eaten as seldom as possible. It is possible to store the salads dressed with mayonnaise no more days. That is the filled salad needs to be eaten at once.

In my family very much love mayonnaise, but I try to replace it with other products. For example, olive oil. And if oil not to deceive them, it is possible to make mayonnaise independently or to make mayonezozamenitel : we mix sour cream with olive oil, salt, pepper and mustard. Very tasty gas station for any salad turns out.

The second product which is a huge problem in our country and in my family too - a garnish . A garnish - as is a lot of in this word Macaroni, rice, buckwheat. By and large in any of these garnishes almost equal number of calories. How then to replace a garnish? Instead of it it is possible to serve boiled vegetables, stewed cabbage. And if in your family do not want to refuse flatly classical garnishes, it is possible to try to deceive them and to improve any garnish a little. Having made of simple - difficult.

A difficult garnish is a same garnish, only it contains not butter, and olive, and vegetables. For example, we boil rice, we wash out it. We fry vegetables on olive or sunflower oil. Vegetables can be taken any: broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, onions. We mix them with rice and we give a garnish. We give the same quantity of a garnish, only it consists for 50% from vegetables. Tasty it is also useful.

With buckwheat and macaroni it is possible to make the same, but having put only onions and carrots. Also you remember: do not digest a garnish, let it will be a little firm, and choose macaroni from coarse flour.

We will pass to the third trouble of modern reality, or perhaps and most important - bread and bakery products .

It is possible to speak about bread much and long. I will tell the most important. Many deceive themselves, saying that black bread is more useful, than white. It is the myth! Both in black, and in white loaf approximately identical number of calories. At digestion of both white, and black bread a large amount of sugar is thrown out blood that can lead to diabetes.

How to choose to itself bread with advantage for health? Bread which contains dry yeast is harmful. Scientists claim that dry yeast leads to oncological diseases. The most useful bread is the bread made on ferment. But it also costs much and to find it not so easily. It is possible to use the bread based on usual yeast, but with addition of bran or dried fruits.

It is possible to bake home-made bread, for example, having added to it pumpkin, than you reduce in it the number of calories. The standard daily rate of bread - 120 grams, and is only three small pieces.

For reference I will tell that the vast majority of nutritionists do not eat bread at all.

The fifth - a dessert ! Very important thing. It is difficult to do without it. It is possible, of course, and without dessert, but children always demand it, and at times and adults. And sugar stimulates work of a brain. Purchased desserts just teem with dyes, thickeners, preservatives. An exit is simple - we prepare.

I already quite long time adhere to this method of food and dumped 8 kg, but did without dessert very hard. I found a way out, not without the aid of the Internet.

Yogurt did not begin to buy, made him! Kefir mixed with jam and it turned out quite not bad.

Still cake or pie Also it is possible! Cake is done as usual, we add some zucchini only to dough. It turns out very tasty, and, above all, is 50% less than calories. Still any my acquaintance did not guess in what a dirty trick.

And for a holiday it is possible to make a charlotte, however, having put in it slightly more apples, than we got used.

Or my pie loved by on kefir . For it it will be required: 1 glasses of 1% of kefir, 3 eggs, 3 glasses of flour, 1 glass of sugar, 200 g of butter, 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 teaspoon of soda.

To pound eggs with sugar, we add kefir. We pound low-fat and unsalted butter with flour, salt and soda. We mix everything and we receive liquid dough, as on fritters. We pour out in the form oiled olive, from above we pour out fresh fruit - than more subjects, better. I like to do this raspberry pie, but any fruit will approach. We bake 20 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees. We receive tasty and not really high-calorie pie, especially if there is no it after 18:00.

If you keep a figure, a little cunning in food will not damage! You watch a nutrition value of your diet, reasonably reduce the caloric content of dishes - and the organism will be grateful to you, health will become stronger, and the body will become more harmonous.