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How to equip to itself beauty shop of the house?

the Modern woman, the clear head and the beauty, lives in such mad rhythm that she for personal care of darling of time catastrophically is not enough. And there is a wish to look for one million dollars very much even.

The man understood today too, as for successful business, and for a peace of mind in the person everything has to be fine, including a well-groomed body. What is important to think of beauty of nails! Physical appeal - the business card of vital success! It is that clothes on which we are met. Healthy appearance has today much more, than the road prikid from boutique.

Deficiency of free time at business - the lady, - exchanges and - vumen, at mothers with the small children requiring constant attention do not allow to be distracted regularly by professional cosmetologists, by a gym, by manicure or a pedicure in the conditions of salon. Teenagers, especially boys usually hesitate to address the cosmetologist even if it is extremely necessary.

Fortunately, the real alternative to the professional centers of beauty, at last, appeared! It is possible to be engaged in competent correction of the one and only body at home now. Today devices and means of the coolest producers are available to us: miostimulyator, masseurs for the person and for eyes, darsonval, hydromassage bathtubs, devices for manicure and a pedicure, clever scales, tonometers and thermometers, anti-cellulite linen, the most effective cosmetic structures. What progress reached! Home devices are easy-to-work, absolutely safe, do not demand in use of special knowledge, are reasonable at the price.

It is easy to spend at home, for example, such popular procedure as face cleansing. To steam out a face by means of a tiny steam sauna, at the same time using infusions of herbs or essential oils, then to clean pores by means of a vacuum cleaner of skin. In conclusion to process leather darsonvaly - to dry, narrow pores and to prevent an inflammation due to release of ozone.

The surprising effect gives the ultrasonic device for care of skin. A peeling by means of ultrasound, micromassage, lifting with curative balms or mineral water - it is also possible to enjoy the faultless shining elastic skin day by day! The fact that two weeks later after passing of a course from ten procedures skin continues to work is unique, keeping the achieved results independently. The acne dehydrated, which is shelled tired skin and gray complexion - here those problems which the ultrasound which almost does not have contraindications, absolutely safe and painless even for very sensitive and thin skin will help to eliminate.

Procedure effectively eliminates spasms and tension from mimic muscles, intensifies exchange processes, moistens skin, removes an inflammation, and also softens and levels hems and infiltrates. Elastic the ultrasonic wave easily squeezes and unclenches cells of skin, increases their vital force, tightens skin, smoothes small wrinkles, improves blood circulation and a limfoottok, rejuvenates cellular structures.

An unusual novelty of the home medical equipment - vibromassage masks - points. Computers, TVs, videorecorders without which modern life is inconceivable inevitably create a surplus load on eyes. If this loading daily and hours-long, then problems with sight quickly enough appear: short-sightedness, an astigmatism, develops age far-sightedness, a presbiopiya ahead of time. From here headaches, nervousness, increase of arterial pressure. And in a makeweight - hypostases, dark circles and wrinkles around eyes.

These delights it is quite possible to prevent or to reduce considerably if very much everything is started. Gentle pleasant massage by silicone fingers, at the same time soft influence of a weak constant magnetic field normalizes microcirculation of eyes, liquidates hypostases, removes stress from muscles and the nervous terminations. One - two procedures of vibromassage a day will prevent decrease in sight, will remove the general overfatigue, normalizes a dream, will improve appearance, will return to eyes young gloss.

If physical activities, possible at your way of life, do not yield desirable results, and there are a wish to create a perfect athletic figure, the device for a miostimulyation is useful. It is the generator of pulse current with special overlays for a body by means of which on the nervous terminations of muscles the electric impulse moves, and muscles begin to be reduced actively, as at usual sports activities. At the same time are spent subcutaneous fat, body volumes decrease, the effect " leaves; orange-peel the beautiful muscular corset develops, even the potentiality is restored!

Procedures of a miostimulyation take not enough time (at most half an hour in day, on effect equal to two hours in a gym), demand a minimum of efforts, train practically all of groups of muscles. There are special miostimulyator - belts and shorts, their action is limited to area of a stomach, hips and buttocks; there is also a microdevice on sticky slips - so-called butterfly who trains only that muscle on which it is directly located.

The anti-cellulite linen from unique materials effectively fights against excess weight, improves blood circulation and a lymph, splitting tsellyulitny granules, and skin takes a healthy, young form. In - the first, it instantly hides still present figure shortcomings, significantly improves a silhouette thanks to special breed (it is possible to choose an effective youth fasonchik), and in - the second, works day and night, grinding future perfection of your body.

You are engaged in commonplaces, and your clothes care for your beauty - simpler do not happen. Action of anti-cellulite linen is based or on effect of a minisauna (a hypodermic warming up, combustion of fat and removal of excess liquid), or on effect of micromassage when thanks to special technology of weaving trousers create the running wave from a shin to hips and therefore each movement causes massage action of trousers.

A new type of home devices - hydromassage trays. Not in each apartment is jacuzzi . And this compact tray with enthusiasm carries out function of the elder sister - vesiculate massage also allows to derive houses pleasure from the real Spa - procedure. Besides, she is able to do vibro - and acupuncture massage of feet at the expense of relief fingers at the bottom, can warm up water up to the comfortable temperature and support that during procedure.

It is possible to use still roller massage nozzles, infrared warming up of feet, a nozzle for a jet turbomassazh, pumiceous nozzles for a pedicure, containers for an aromatherapy. The miracle hydromassage will kill stress and pains in feet, will increase elasticity of skin and sheaves, will reduce perspiration of legs, will improve mobility of joints. Regular Spa - procedures for legs will allow to take off the general overstrain, fatigue, a stress, will increase immunity, will temper an organism. Both small children, and teenagers, and old men can carry out a hydromassage.

Carrying out hardware house manicure and a pedicure is very convenient and absolutely safe. This procedure, unlike cut manicure, does not injure skin and a nail, completely excludes infection therefore it is recommended even at diabetes and at skin diseases. Some models of devices are supplied with drying for a varnish that several times accelerates its drying and saves time.

Your beauty and health from now on - in your hands. Look younger, blossom, change, without coming off at the same time the habitual schedule! Modern means will help you not only quickly and to qualitatively improve the shape, but also will create strong incentive for high-quality changes in all spheres of your life!