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How to endure a heat in the megalopolis?

Dear citizens if since morning on radio promise you in the afternoon +30, and your office are in the center, safely plus to the promised temperature 4 - 5 more degrees. Such scorching heat will wait for you this day on central squares and prospectuses.

How to put on

it is better for to Put on during a heat in clothes from natural fabrics. It is cotton, flax, natural silk, viscose fabrics. These   fabrics; allow air to circulate freely around your body and, besides, absorb allocations, interfering with emergence of an unpleasant smell. Acetate silk, nylon, an elastane, interfere with a thermal exchange and by that can cause deterioration in the general health. It Is Clear, that during a heat the clothes need to be changed and erased often, irrespective of fabric type.

Refrain from application cosmetics. Especially cosmetics with a pungent smell. The smell even if expensive, and loved by you deodorant or spirits, mixed with a sweat smell, makes repellent impression. Foundation and shadows, clogging up pores, promote emergence of sweat on a face that will damage at once a make-up. Main principles in clothes and a make-up there have to be freedom and frequency.

What I am eager to satisfy


From - for the strengthened sweating during a heat the organism quickly loses moisture, the water balance is broken. Blood volume decreases that leads to weakening of a vascular tone.

Therefore it is necessary to drink during a heat not less than 3 liters a day. But not sweet aerated water (sweet only increases thirst), and the added some salt or acidified liquid. For example, fruit drinks, juice (except garnet and from dark &ndash grapes; they condense blood), mineral water with alkaline structure. But it is better not to lean on medical mineral waters - their too saturated structure can break an electrolytic exchange and increase load of heart.

About beer during a busy summer time
beer it is only desirable for to drink

During such heat light - not more strong than 4,5 degrees. Alcohol in itself causes dehydration so stronger grades will only worsen health. Besides on a heat absorption of alcohol in blood amplifies, that is the person quicker and stronger, than in cool weather gets drunk.

The most preferable drink for hot weather, is green tea. No, not cooled. The Cooled drinks, cooling internals, cause blood circulation strengthening on a body surface. The Cup of green tea drunk by you on a verandah open cafe, it is possible in a prikuska with salty cookies, will satisfy your thirst and will return you to full-fledged life. Let and hot days will be for you pleasant!