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Who they are are the young actors playing roles of Suvorov Military School students in series Kadetstvo ?

Hello! I very much like series of " STS TV channel; Kadetstvo . I hope that it will be interesting to you to learn some facts from life of young actors. Dear readers, my today`s article it will be devoted to heroes, to be exact - to the actors playing leading roles - roles of Suvorov Military School students in a popular TV series. Maxim Makarov - Alexander Golovin

Alexander Golovin was born

on January 13, 1989 in the Czech Republic. Since the earliest childhood he wanted to become an actor. Everything began with model agency of Slava Zaytsev. There Sasha was noticed by the teacher Andrey Aleksandrovich Belkin and helped to open talent of the real actor. Does not think of himself without akterstvo, connects the future only with cinema. For 17 years managed to act in movies Pale liar Master of pools Secret Wolf mouth Cadets Swine Bride . In all roles introduces a part of. Loves the Russian rap. Writes verses.

Stepan Perepechko - Pavel Bessonov

Pavel Bessonov studies at school, in 10 - m a class. In the future thinks to become the cook and to open the restaurant. So far perfectly cooks macaroni on - naval and feeds with them the younger little sister. But if actor`s career successfully develops, then will continue to please the viewer, creating kind and naive images of heroes on the screen.

Alexander Trofimov - Artur Sopelnik Artur Sopelnik was born

on May 26, 1991 in Dresden. Already seven years successfully play in " theater; " Chalk; in Moscow, in Otradnoye (the performances The Kid and Carlson who lives on a roof Scarlet sails Romeo and Juliette ) . The people knowing it say that he is the good-natured, open person having success in little girls. Is going to connect the future with an actor`s profession. Now studies in 10 - m a class, all teachers support him, easily release on shootings such kind series .

Ilya Sukhomlin - Aristarkh Venes Aristarkh Venes was born

on October 4, 1989 in a family of actors. It got such unusual surname from the father, the son of the Greek political emigrants, and mother named it in honor of the grandfather. Friends and relatives call him Arys. Aristarkh studied in the English special school from where he was expelled after the ninth class as by then he already actively acted. Took dancing classes. Studied playing a violin. Was fond of karate, swimming, a bar. Seriously played football. In 15 years external graduated from school and was admitted to School - Studio of the Moscow Art Theatre (Konstantin Raikin`s course). At parties of a film crew quite often surprises friends with performances in style a rap. In life does not wear glasses. The first work at cinema - series Operation Colour of the nation where he played one of leading roles. Then there were works in series The Lily of the valley silvery - 2 The Code of honor - 2 The Code of honor - 3 Cadets and now - Kadetstvo . According to him, Cadets and Kadetstvo fine differ in all respects. Do not confuse!

Ilya Sinitsyn - Boris Korchevnikov Boris Korchevnikov was born

in Moscow on July 20, 1982. Since 1990 participated in performances of the Moscow Art Theatre of A. P. Chekhov and theater - studio under the leadership of O. P. Tabakov. Since 1993 on television - was the leader and the reporter in the program for children There - there news the leader and the reporter in the program for youth Tower . In 1998. arrived on actor`s faculty of School - studio of the Moscow Art Theatre and on faculty of journalism of MSU at the same time. Since 2001 worked freelance, and since 2002 - regularly as the correspondent of service of information of NTV television channel. For years of work prepared reportings for the " programs; Today Recently Personal contribution Country and world The Profession - the reporter etc. Played at cinema and acted in commercials. In 2003 graduated from faculty of journalism of Lomonosov Moscow State University. In 2003 - 2005 in Germany and America passed examinations for knowledge of the German and English languages. In 2004 became the winner of an award of the Union of journalists The New name in journalism . Now it is possible to leave on reportings only according to kalendarno - to the production plan Kadetstva .

Regularly visits a gym. Puts on on a last word in fashion. Considers that to be sociable is fashion too, and for all times. Also it is necessary to stake not on clothes, and on internal contents. It is sure that the book - the only source of existence in this world.

Alexey Syrnikov - Kirill Yemelyanov Kirill Yemelyanov was born

on April 15, 1991 in an actor`s family. Since three years played in performances. In 9 years began to act in Jumble . Parents sent him to drama school, there Kirill studied to the ninth class, participated in different statements, and then he was expelled for hooliganism - in a director`s office it burned some secretarial magazines. Acted in the sensational movie Swine after which he was invited to a casting in series Kadetstvo . Graduates from school external, is going to go to the theatrical university - I more will not be taken anywhere, I am able nothing .

My role because I in the childhood was an awful hooligan too is close to me, did any dirty tricks. Could break a window, to get to militia The cinema changes me. I now another. I even began to greet absolutely all .

Kirill Sobolev - Artem Terekhov Artem Terekhov played

in theater - " studios; Contact Recreation center Zelenograd and already acted in at film. However, in movies Call me " gin; Gagarin`s Grandson Adulthood of Polina Subbotina Full speed! it had small bit parts. So participation in series Kadetstvo it is possible to consider it as the first real actor`s experience.

The Role of the Suvorov Military School student Sobolev in To Kadetstva - it is my first big and even leading role. I still do not believe what so turned out. Words it is difficult to give my feelings. Inside everything began to boil, began to seethe. It is pleasant that for this remarkable role and in such good series as Kadetstvo chose me. Everything happened unexpectedly and quickly, even did not manage to look back. Stages of communication with the director, tests on a chamber It is such adrenaline! And here I was approved for Sobolev`s role. Life as though exchanged. By the way, three days in a row before departure for shootings Kadetstva to Tver I dreamed Suvorov Military School though I never in it was. But for some reason in a dream I precisely knew that Suvorov it what I see it now, on shootings .

Now these actors are familiar to any, are loved by many admirers - in a word, they became known, thanks to these remarkable series - KADETSTVO !

Information for this article is taken by me from the official site of series Kadetstvo . I hope that it was pleasant to all admirers of these series! To fast meetings on the Internet - this surprising network