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What professions happen, or I Work not to utter whom!

Not so long ago one of employees of our firm incidentally opened the Qualifier of professions in which all professions of workers and employees of our immense country are listed. The very first line already nonplused - an averbandshchik. What is he engaged in? Further names not less unclear, and sometimes and ridiculous went. Though under many of these ridiculous terms - the traditional, settled names of experts of mechanical engineering, aircraft, medicine...

The qualifier of professions is a state standard, mentions of which, unfortunately, appear on the websites the Internet more often - humour, than on official pages. And for amusing names - the people performing the necessary work. Proseivateli of beads, kumysodela, cranberry obkatchik in sugar, adjusters of musical toys, gluers and varnishers of globes. By the way, pay attention to the menu in cafe and dining rooms. There at the end surely has to be a signature of the calculator - not on what consider and the calculator - the accountant who calculated the price of dishes.

Some names - a craze and aspiration to give to usual things beautiful sounding. For example, the person hidden under noble demonstrator of plastic poses - this is simply the model, it is proud sounding the chief specialist on technology of preservation of the television " programs; - ordinary technician, honourable operator of machine milking called the milkmaid. And were still - inspector on control of execution of instructions actor of funeral services ... And what, is correct - the person has to be proud of the profession. Here in the Qualifier modern realtors, merchandisers, image makers, financiers also appeared...

The list of the most unusual professions is already made of the Qualifier which is headed, of course, by an averbandshchik. So:

Averbandshchik is the worker who puts difficult drawings of national ornaments for the further press on silk (makes so-called national " fabric;) .

the Chief dresser - the head of concentrating production in metallurgical branch.

Dolbilshchik - the person processing metal details (couplings, wrenches) on special slotters.

Zubopolirovshchik is a worker who polishes teeth of some details of hours on special zubopolirovochny machines.

the Engineer - a forest pathologist - the professional forest warden - the doctor, the fighter against wreckers of the wood.

Kabestanshchik - serves production from plastic at plants.

the Linen keeper - the hostess who receives, checks and gives overalls, special footwear, sanitary clothes. Monitors washing - an ironing, hems, puts latka. Pulfonshchik - applies to

enamel on a stekloizdeliya.

Razvodchik of freebies - the worker who is engaged in laying of freebies (semi-finished products in production of glass) in the special furnace.

Raspravshchik - a working profession on textile production which assumes punishment - raspravleniye of hanks of natural silk, fabric and cloth.

Sinilnik - the master who is engaged in a heel-tap and painting of canvases (usually in blue color).

the Stereotyper - the employee of printing house who is engaged in production of stereotypes from a typographical alloy and plastic.

Flotator - is engaged in processing of rocks in a special method of flotation.

of Shpredingist - the manufacturer of special plastyrny weight, the manufacturer of plasters.

But despite everything, there are no unnecessary professions in the qualifier. Each of them - important and necessary, as if it sounded!