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How it is correct to choose the lawyer?

So, there was a situation, the lawyer is urgently necessary. Whom to choose? Where to look for? we Will begin

with the fact that two main options can be the cause of search of the lawyer:

First if the lawyer is necessary due to the need of assistance on criminal case, in this case, as a rule, relatives of the suspect, the defendant should be engaged in selection of the lawyer.

U it at that time not that the desire, just will not be opportunities most to choose the lawyer. In rare instances the lawyer offered by the investigator completely suits the client.

Therefore it is better for relatives to hurry with selection of the candidate of the defender. The legal investigation is one of the main components in business. At this moment it is possible to collect all necessary proofs that already in court completely to defend the correctness. At successful combination of circumstances, business can not come to court at all, and will be closed.

The option second, is if the lawyer is necessary on civil or economic case, administrative affairs can also be entered in this list. As in these cases you have much more time for the choice of the lawyer.

It is necessary to pay attention to experts of a narrow profile as they know all nuances of the this case. Experience in the specialty also speaks for itself. The more experience, the better.

However, it is worth paying attention and to young gifted lawyers as they treat conducting business with big scrupulousness. Preparation and collecting necessary data, and also development of a position of protection takes away more time from them, but plus that they do not sit carelessly - know that they should not count on the experience in last affairs, or knowledge as the specific judge and estimated result runs business.

Of course, it is very good if you already have the family lawyer whose services you use already many years. But in case there is no such person, it is the best of all to resort to recommendations of friends and acquaintances. Someone for certain already came up against a similar situation. If not your friends, then their relatives or acquaintances. The received result will speak for itself too.

At the first meeting with the lawyer it is better to discuss all nuances of business. Including it is necessary to sign the contract where all and will be discussed. To specify the sum of the fee and percent of an advance payment. With economic affairs sometimes in contracts specify in a case not the concrete sum of the fee, but percent from the sum won in court that, naturally, increases interest of the lawyer.

Many citizens are afraid to use services of the lawyer, especially in the small cities since consider that the lawyer can put all interested persons in popularity about their family and professional secrecies. You should not do it, but if all of you doubt decency of the lawyer, then you can remind him about Rules of professional ethics of the lawyer . I think, he hundred times will think before he decides to break lawyer secret, especially if you threaten him with the fact that you will exercise the rights and will file a lawsuit against him.

By the way, as if you were not sure of professionalism of the lawyer, I advise you nevertheless to control the course of its actions. For example, when conducting protection on criminal case he has to discuss with you a protection position, your opinions in the matter can not coincide.

In general it is quite good to have the family lawyer. It solves several problems at once at once. In - the first, you will not look for in a hurry the lawyer for participation in business. In - the second, it solves a problem of trust of the client to the lawyer. Well and that is important, the conclusion of the contract with the family lawyer will strongly save means of your budget.

And in general I wish you to do without the help of lawyers.

Well, at least, without the assistance of lawyers on criminal cases.