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What is capoeira or How to fight, dancing?

Many girls and young people visit various sports sections and occupations by aerobics, fitness, Pilates and still something there, me personally not absolutely clear. Enough people are written down on several courses at once. To help them and in saving of time, forces and acquisition of good mood in the good company I want to tell many other about capoeira.

Capoeira - the system of protection and attack invented in the homeland of Pele - in Brazil. There are several hypotheses concerning its origin. The majority of kapoeyrist adhere to that point of view that the prototype of capoeira was created by Indians of the South American continent who shared the knowledge with the African slaves running to the jungle and creating there free communities - kilombush . Kilombush periodically were attacked by slaveholders, and their inhabitants needed to protect themselves. At a lack of the weapon training in methods of hand-to-hand fight, to technicians of protection and attack without weapon - what those Indians suffering persecution by colonialists owned practiced. Two ideas of freedom mixed up, and the capoeira helping to assert the right to be free inhabitants kilombush arose.

In 1707 after, probably, Portuguese received " more than once; on a sopatka from runaway slaves, in Brazil this martial art was forbidden. Kapoeyristam was necessary to adapt. An exit was found: capoeira was disguised under dance. So there was a tradition of fights under music. However in 1928 the government of Brazil nevertheless recognized this fight lawful. Legalized it any more not such what forbade, but it is much better. Today capoeira - the second for popularity after soccer a sport in to the country where there are a lot of wild monkeys .

Today`s capoeira - not a sport or martial art, and also not dance. Capoeira is a game. There are people, all in white. Sit down in a circle which is called sorts, symbolizing the sun. Some of them take tools in hand. In - the first, a berimbaa - sacred musical onions (the stick brought under with the steel string tense on it which the kabasa - the hollowed pumpkin operating as the resonator is put on). In - the second, atabak (a high drum) and pandeyro (tambourine). In - the third, gu - go (a double hand bell) and the river - the river (the jagged bamboo graggers). On a berimbaa the master usually plays (mestra). To the middle there are two persons and begin to create to a dzhog (game) - to dance, play. Dzhogu is at the same time both single combat, and beautiful musical representation with elements of gymnastics and acrobatics. So it will interest fans of an extension and effective representation of opportunities of the body.

Adherents of self-defense will not remain disappointed too. Many underestimate equipment of capoeira, call it effective, but hardly applicable. Most likely, these people just do not know that to kill the person, it is optional to cut to him a throat or to pierce heart. In slanting blow of an edge in a hand on inside of a wrist it is possible rassech the beam artery passing in only 5 mm from a skin surface. As a result approximately in 30 seconds of people faints, and in 2 minutes dies of plentiful blood loss.-.

By means of capoeira blows are easily parried by a knife or an edge. Even if the equipment is executed not too purely, sharp objects only slide on clothes or on skin, without doing big harm. Whereas any blocks, both soft, and rigid, supports as in boxing, wrestling captures and to that similar receptions against the razor, for example, are useless. It should be taken into account that force of blows in capoeira can be just terrible. Unlike other types of single combats, all blows are carried out with a bringing here and reach at the same time absolutely improbable force. It is confirmed also by laws of physics - the largest strength of blow is given by the body weight increased by its acceleration.

Capoeira came to Russia rather recently. But already now in only one Moscow hundreds of the people capable to dance on hands to do a somersault and handsprings, being loaded with energy and by that spirit of freedom, but already personal, but not national.

Capoeira is a fight without rules and weight categories where everything can participate, with use of the most artful tricks and the most cruel receptions put into practice first of all only for self-defense, not attack. The receptions of capoeira learned once will work also through five - ten - fifteen years, just as ability to float, skate also the bicycle