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Why to invest money in payment terminals?

of One young man of eight years were asked somehow whom he wants to be. The ATM, - that seriously answered and reasoned: - That I always had money!

Smiled? And then at once got into the head adults thoughts - money not the, and bank and more often it is necessary to give them And idea - that efficient and, the most important, not banal!

Beginning the business, many, strangely enough, seek to follow the example of the competitors. Having the small starting capital, they do not decide to experiment. Also lose. Their offer is just lost among a set of similar. And successful business has to have the distinctive features, otherwise it will not be able to sustain persistent attacks of competitors

Certainly, 100% study of the market and its potentials - no more than illusion. Society does not stand still and where, apparently, there is already nothing to appear, suddenly there is an unexpected innovation which generates new prospects.

So happened also to system of acceptance of payments via payment terminals. There is quite extensive network of banks which accept payments, ordinary citizens more or less got used to come into the next branch of the bank and to pay bills. Then there were ATMs, and the population was gradually accustomed to use them for receiving salaries, grants, pensions

So, behind a salary in turn for a long time nobody is necessary. The following step - reduction of turns in bank on introduction of payments... And if the ATM is associated first of all with delivery of money what we spoke right at the beginning about, then it has to have some alternative! This alternative are payment terminals which raise due from the population. It here the device the bright little boy

would also prefer to become But if he cared only for himself, then the payment terminal is urged to facilitate life not only to the staff of bank, but also those who makes payments. Agree, it is far simpler to press pair of the buttons, than to stand several hours in turn in bank! So, this perspective innovation will attract more and more grateful clients, service is demanded, and, therefore, such type of business needs expansion. The public is always attracted by something special. And the most insignificant advantage can provide to the businessman beginning even with the small capital, leadership in the area, the city and even branch.

With what to begin? What you would not begin to be engaged in

, not to do without creation of strategy. Define what purpose before you (to provide the services as it is possible for bigger number of clients, to increase sales, to reduce dependence of buyers on trade personnel or to improve communications). Think over as the booth of self-service will help with its realization. Develop the concept of business and begin to make the development plan, proceeding, of course, from the means which are available for you.

What, how much?

Let`s say your seed capital makes 10000 c.u. The average cost of the payment terminal makes about 2000 c.u. On this money it is better to buy 5 terminals, than to lease 10 - 20. The more terminals, the in bigger haste they should be placed, perhaps, even without having considered features of the planned location. As a result terminals will stand idle, and a rent - grow. Payment terminals can be bought also in leasing. your

business - strategy will define the range of services, provided to clients. It can be introduction of payments for utilities, payment of mobile communication, booking on different types of transport - or all together. The type of a booth and their quantity in a network depends on it, and you will choose a color scheme.

The essential moment at the organization of business in the sphere of payment terminals is the right choice of the place for placement of such booth of self-service. Points reckon the most favorable with high passability, that is with a big congestion of people. Those, for example, are supermarkets, the subway, stations, cafe, banks, universities, policlinics, etc. of

Installation of the payment terminal does not demand high expenses. Everything that is necessary, is a point the sizes of 1 sq.m, 1 electric socket on 220B with grounding, connection of the service GPRS, Internet access.

And how many it will turn out? you can establish to

On the terminal any percent of the commission from each registered payment (1,5 - 3% are recommended). Thus, you gain income from the sum of the registered payments and remuneration from operators in favor of which payments are accepted. In other words, by results of a month you earn extra fee from the organizer of payment service provider - to 3% from a turn.

arises a question Here: and when business will begin to make profit? Experts claim that payback periods of payment terminals make from 3 to 6 months.

Who, where, when?

In Kiev and other large cities of Ukraine via payment terminals can make fee of cellular communication and the Internet. The services so far offered on it are limited.

On the made observations, a big agiotage around again appeared service is not observed yet. In one hour of supervision 32 persons used the payment terminal in quite brisk place. Practically all of them are young people, aged from 16 till 22 years. What general conclusions can be drawn from the aforesaid?

1. The offered service in the market of Ukraine practically, imidzhevo, it is information in any way does not move ahead.

2. The offered service in the market of Ukraine is demanded.

3. Potential at this direction is huge - even at total absence of information support and advertizing, willingly use service!

So, it is obvious that business in the sphere of payment terminals needs expansion and enterprising people. Behind councils for the organization of business, and also behind the equipment for successful conducting business address to the " company; Newest Global Technology which in 2007 actively wins the markets of the CIS, for example the Ukrainian market. In 2 months 2007 representations in Kiev, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk were open.

And to be convinced of prospects of this type of business of best everything you will be able not in the theory, and in practice!