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What to feed the kid having an allergy with? Part 2

In this article I want to continue the subject begun earlier. So, we will continue...

The first feeding up by

to Children - allergic persons the first feeding up is appointed approximately to a month later, than to healthy children - not from six, and since seven months. This vegetable marrows, color, white, Brussels sprout vegetable puree, the light-painted pumpkin, bush pumpkins and other vegetables of green and white color. At first the child is given monocomponent (consisting of one product) mashed potatoes, and then gradually begin to mix them. The basic rule at acquaintance to new taste: you enter vegetables serially, each new look within 5 - 10 days, gradually bringing to full volume.

Vegetable marrows puree is at Beech Nut (since six months), Nestle (since eight months), Semper (together with potatoes, since four months). Pumpkin and different types of cabbage are popular with different producers too.

The second feeding up

it is entered approximately since eight months, at first from nonmilk and bezglyutenovy porridges - buckwheat, corn, rice. Such choice is explained again - by different degree of allergenicity of grain. The most allergenic are wheat and rye. Choosing children`s porridge, it is worth paying attention to producers who specialize in creation of production lechebno - preventive appointment. In the field of a cereal feeding up serious positions at Droga Kolinska, the producer of " porridges; Baby . The whole series of porridges without milk and sucrose on the basis of bezglyutenovy rice and corn is created. These porridges which are special lechebno - preventive foods, it is possible to give to the child with an allergy to proteins of cow`s milk or lactoheat insufficiency since five months.

Names of porridges accurately focus parents on their maintenance and appointment: " Buckwheat; Soy - the " rice; Corn low allergy The Corn is low allergy, enriched with a probiotics . Total absence in these porridges of fragrances, dyes and preservatives, additives in the form of vitamins, iron and iodine, turn them from usual food into medical dietary foods by means of which functions of a gastrointestinal tract of the child are normalized, his immunity increases.

Lines of porridges are at Nestle, Hipp, Humana, Heinz, Beech Nut. The main thing - carefully to choose those which will suit allergic persons.

The third feeding up

This meat mash which is entered from 8,5 - 9 months. Not all types of meat are recommended. At intolerance of proteins of cow`s milk development of an allergy and to proteins of beef therefore doctors recommend to little allergic persons fast pork, a horse-flesh, meat of a rabbit, turkey or lamb is possible. Producers of baby food offer quite different options of meat mashes from these types of meat. Introduction of a meat feeding up is begun also with monocomponent mashed potatoes, carefully monitoring reaction to new grades of meat.

From 36 names of meat mashes of production of Tikhoretsky meat-processing plant it is obviously possible to find suitable. Meat mashes from dietary types of meat are at Frutonyanya (" company; Lebedyansky ) Semper, Hipp and others. 14 types of the Bebi meat mash - a novelty in the market of baby food from the Droga Kolinska company.

Too of a dish you should not hurry with fruit. From fruit doctors usually appoint (taking into account individual shipping) only from 10 months or even later. The principle is as follows: fruit for baby food should not have bright coloring, the preference is given to green apples. Gradually, paying attention to reaction of skin and a consistence of a chair, enter bananas, pears, white currant and plum. The choice of fruit purees from different producers, both domestic, and European, is very big too.

And here egg egg white and yolk, and also fish are completely excluded from a food allowance of children with food allergy, at least until the end of the first year of life. The highest percent of emergence of allergic reactions is observed when using in a food allowance of the child of fish and seafood. And allergens of fish practically do not collapse at culinary processing. So do not risk, offering the child fish cutlets or fresh fish soup.


- Products with high allergenicity (degree of risk of development of allergic reactions): eggs, fish, any meat broths, seafood, caviar, wheat, rye, strawberry, wild strawberry, pepper, tomatoes, carrots, citrus, kiwi, pineapple, melon, persimmon, grenades, cocoa, nuts, honey, mushrooms, chocolate, coffee.

- Products with average degree of allergenicity: whole milk, dairy products, chicken meat, beef, rice, oats, peas, buckwheat, soy, beans, beet, potatoes, sugar, bananas, peaches, apricots, cherry, dogrose, cranberry, cowberry, blackcurrant.

- Products with low allergenicity: fermented milk products, meat of a rabbit, horse-flesh, fast pork, turkey, fast mutton, color and white cabbage, broccoli, vegetable marrows, bush pumpkins, cucumbers, corn, millet, pearl barley, green grades of pears and apples, garden greens, white and red currant.

- Frequent emergence of allergic reactions is noted when using products with food additives - dyes, fragrances, emulsifiers, preservatives, flavoring additives ( adults yogurts, fruit juice, soups and quick-cooking cereals, carbonated drinks, sauces).

Dear mothers! I hope, this article, though without washing, very much will help you with the choice of children`s products. I know that an allergy - a problem No. 1 in many families, and I would like that this article had by the way to careful parents! Thanks! Good luck and health to you and your kids! To fast meetings on the website...