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Whether it is worth mixing friendship and sex?

As they say, friendship between the man and the woman come to an end with sex sooner or later. It, of course, happens not always, but is very frequent. A question whether it is worth transferring the good friendly relations to the intimate sphere.


Sex without restrictions . The most obvious advantage is a simplicity in the relations. I.e., you have a sexual partner, you should not seek him elsewhere, moreover, your sexual relations are under construction on lack of pressure, restrictions, well and, of course, the emotional party of a question. But it is possible only in case both parties well understand that such sexual relations do not oblige to anything them. Both partners are honest with each other as regards both of them have sex and only, i.e. give pleasure each other. And anybody has no thought that another uses it as, actually, such sexual relations are constructed on mutual use of each other.

Council . If you want that the sexual relations did not destroy your friendly relations, you have to be honest with each other. If at someone from you (generally it concerns a female half), arises though the slightest hope for something bigger, consider it as the beginning of the end of your relations. In 9 cases from 10 such druzhesko - the sexual relations do not pass into a serious stage. Therefore, women, do not try to make of the men - friends of serious partners in life and do not enter with them the sexual relations with any far-reaching calculation. Only if both of you want sexual pleasures, and everything is limited to sex.

Factor of convenience and comfort. Such situation is convenient. Thus, you pass an intermediate stage of flirtation. You do not need to go out on dates, to buy gifts, to invite in cafe or restaurant, to try to guess what is pleasant to it. In total and so clear it is also known. You do not need to worry on the subject of how there will take place the meeting, you feel comfortable with each other both in physical, and in the emotional plan, each other shortcomings are known to you. Men can not worry whether there will be a sexual intercourse successful as anyway you will remain in good relations and can laugh at small failures together then. Such relations suit people who did not have time for romanticism, but there is a certain requirement.

Council . Remember that you have to be honest before each other, and all points over and have to be placed. Moreover, you should not expatiate on your relations to friends, relatives, acquaintances. You also should not advertize the relations publicly. If between partners there is a mutual understanding in the matter, then it is rather simple to call. But if the partner / partner for some reasons refuses a meeting, you should not insist and take offense as you nothing each other have to. In it sense of such sexual relations. Moreover, the factor of convenience and comfort does not mean that you have to be the lazy lover or the lazy mistress. Do not try to make also impression, just give pleasure, and to you will answer the same.


Someone surely becomes attached , begins to wish bigger and to dream of the serious relations. And if such desires are not mutual, then people will cause each other offenses, there can be a jealousy. It is difficult to separate sex from emotions, but it what you have to make if you want to begin the sexual relations with friends.

Council . Avoid the owner`s instinct. You remember: the relations at you free, you have to nothing each other. If, for example, you do not want to meet today, it does not mean that your partner / partner has no right to meet at this time someone else. If at heart you the owner / owner, then to you is better not to begin such relations.

End to friendship. If to consider the worst scenario, then balancing on the verge of friendship and love will destroy the friendly relations sooner or later, you can in general cease to communicate. Unfortunately, most often all also comes to an end with it. Because as soon as you moved to a physical level, former dynamics of development of the friendly relations disappeared forever.

Council . If you want to keep the close friendly relations with the person who by misfortune appeared an opposite sex, you should not risk. It is necessary to take precautionary measures: not to drink together alcohol, not to spend much time alone.

Negative influence on future serious relations. If the woman with whom at you everything is serious finds out that you somehow had sexual relations with girlfriends - women, she will be jealous you and it is suspicious to treat other women. The same is fair also concerning men.

Narru end . It happens very seldom, however it is possible that romantic feelings will arise on both sides. And when it happens, friendly feelings will develop into something bigger, than the simple agreement on satisfaction of physical needs. They will develop into the serious relations with the strong base built on friendship, mutual understanding and tender feelings.