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How to keep sight of the child in a century of computers?

Each of us can remember at least one familiar child who of all types of entertainments will choose the computer. As computers begin to take more and more important place in our everyday life, the problems arising at the children spending much time behind the monitor cannot but disturb parents. To avoid consequences of a so-called syndrome of CVS, parents have to shows consideration for that, as well as what is the time their child will see off at the computer.

What is CVS syndrome?

This certain state caused by long stay at the computer and including a visual overstrain. On the screen of the computer of the word and picture slightly flicker, as causes visual tension. Tension of eyes is also the result of drying of an eyeball during the work on the computer as the person blinks less often when he looks at the objects which are nearby, and moisture is necessary for normal functioning of the visual device.

One more factor causing CVS are the glasses or contact lenses which are incorrectly chosen for work with the computer which can cause an excessive visual overstrain and promote the wrong bearing in continuous attempts of the child it is more convenient to sit down to see information on the monitor.

CVS - a temporary phenomenon, but if the visual system is in such state constantly, it can lead to deterioration in sight.

Here what symptoms of CVS:

red, angry eyes

tired look

hypersensibility to light

the watering eyes

the reduced working capacity

pains in a neck, a back, shoulders

muscular spasms

head and gastric pains, nausea

Exist the elementary precautionary measures which parents can observe to save sight of children.

Do not save at the choice of the monitor. by

Choose the monitor with high frequency of updating, with big resolution and a small step of an arrangement of points. Wipe the monitor from dust as often as possible. The monitor has to settle down a little lower than the level of eyes of the child. The background, optimum for eyes, is dark letters on a light background.

Reduce blinking of the screen.

Muffle a ceiling light and avoid lamps, minimize solar lighting (for example, having curtained off a window).

Develop a correct posture.

the Child has to sit at distance of, at least, 50 cm from the screen, directly and without bending

forward Do breaks. Remind

to the child that it tore off a look from the computer more often, looked afar, stretched and more often blinked in order to avoid drying of an eyeball.

Check points and contact lenses.

needs to consult at the doctor whether these points or lenses are suitable for work with the computer, and whether sight at the child changed that often occurs imperceptibly.

Regular visit of the oculist is also necessary for preservation of good sight.

We are sure that performance of these precautionary measures will help to avoid to your child problems with sight.