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How quickly to lighten itself mood? Welcome

, the most frequent problem which each of us regularly faces is the bad mood. There are enough reasons for this purpose, unfortunately, and nobody manages to avoid temporary decline yet.

In bad mood our energy potential very strongly weakens, and we become incapable it is reasonable to behave and to make effective decisions.

But it does not mean at all that we have to be reconciled with it and obediently put pads. Though our bad mood is also capable to make the life of us miserable, to change it to us quite on forces.

First of all it is necessary to want it and to be ready to perform several simple operations. Time spent on it finally surely will turn back a repeated prize.

There is a large amount of magnificent materials in which the whole heap of fine ways of overcoming of depressions is stated. Many excellent councils and recommendations as it is better to arrive in each case are given.

But in order that to get acquainted with all this moreover and to understand, it is necessary God knows what is the time. Most of people does not need abstruse theories. The fact that it is really necessary for them it is a short practical advice which can be put on use right there. All other superfluous.

And about what the speech, from this series will go now. I apply the most suitable way to each situation, and I have enough it quite for the solution of an objective.

Apply the " method; Emotional discharge .

you have to dump excess tension through liberation of the body and clarification of the thoughts.

Allocate yourself for it at least half an hour, and with pleasure you will observe how your mood will change, and ideas will begin to seethe in the head with a new force.

Find to yourself such place where nobody will see you if there is a probability to be misunderstood. Disconnect for a while the critical thinking, stop to analyze and estimate everything surrounding and main yourself.

Also do everything that to you will climb up mind. Run, jump, shout, cut music to the full extent and dance to an upad! Laugh loudly in each occasion and without cause if so it wants to you. To someone will occur to do physical exercises - do. Forget all the great merits, age, big positions and academic degrees. Be not afraid to look ridiculous or silly.

Look how easy and easily children behave. Give yourself the chance to return mentally to the childhood and just to enjoy all events. Be given it without the rest.

When you will be tired of all physical movements and you will want to sit down or lie down - have by all means a rest. Even if you will begin to drive in a dream, do not fight against it. Perhaps, the lack of a dream also served as the catalyst of your decadent spirit.

Remember, in bad mood all of you equally will not make anything outstanding. It is much better to spend some time for itself that then with new forces to make up for lost time.

Learn to use Muscular corset . For the first time I learned

about this way from Mirzakarim Norbekov`s book Experience of the fool and my first thought which arose right after it was the nonsense all this, cannot be .

Cannot be that such results were yielded by such idle time, and I would even tell, a primitive way. I am such clever and widely-read Man so I should prove that it is pure nonsense and to expose swindlers.

Especially as it was for this purpose necessary for time minutes five, and efforts and that it is less. Just what is necessary. To do it as easy as shelling pears.

It is only necessary to level a back, to straighten shoulders, to highly raise the head and to smile broadly. Well tell that here difficult? Directly on me!

And if you same, as well as I, also do not like to do excess efforts, by all means adopt. The best effect is reached when at the same time you look at yourself in a mirror. Feedback which strengthens positive impact turns out and it becomes much easier to control correctness of execution.

The most interesting, of course, was to watch himself as if from outside, to be exact, behind those thoughts which crowd in the head. In 5 - 7 minutes of thought with a negative charge are lost by itself, and instead of them thoughts and memoirs from which it becomes more joyful come.

Now we will not consider in detail the mechanism as well as why it works. I will tell only that it is really unique technique which is a basis of a number of trainings and author`s system of success.

Regularly listen to motivational audio recordings.

Recently in the most popular way of obtaining information to which more and more people give preference is listening of various lectures and seminars which are written down in an audioformat.

Generally I always considered as the best source of knowledge reading useful books and other printing materials. And if you are the same passionate reader - perfectly, continue to do it.

I regularly buy various motivational literature, but also I re-read those books which are already available in my library. It is fine, but the matter is that until recently there were no other available sources of information necessary to me.

The alternative per se just was absent

Now the situation changes for the better. The new form of representation - an audio recording in the MP format - 3 gains strength. There are noteworthy products and it cannot but please.

In comparison with printing materials they possess a number of serious advantages from which I would distinguish the following.

1. You can study having a rest, having just put on earphones and having started the favourite MP - the 3rd player. In that time when your body and eyes, tired of the monitor, have a rest, time passes with big advantage.

2. When you hear someone`s voice, the perception of information occurs much easier, and it in turn motivates you on positive views and actions are much more effective.

When my mood sharply falls and nothing manages with these to be done, I put a disk with motivational audiolectures and I listen to it. Perfectly loads!

Except a fast raising of mood and a momentary positive effect of an audio recording have many hidden advantages which are shown not at once. But I will tell nothing to you about it. Start up it will be for you an unexpected and pleasant gift.