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How to choose a bag? It is time to recognize

obvious: in your clothes for certain there will be several bags which you have nothing to carry. Yes, on a show-window of shop they looked so perfectly and manyashche what to pass by was not any opportunity, but the house a situation considerably changes - the recently acquired bag seems absolutely useless and unsuitable for carrying. How to resolve this riddle of style?

The problem is that the bag in itself has no value, it is only part of your style, supplementing and emphasizing it. Therefore before filling up a house collection of bags with the next graceful masterpiece of Fendi, think twice with what and where you will carry it.

How to choose a bag: five gold governed

1. Size. Remember that only a handbag of the bride or an elegant evening handbag with which stars sport on Oscar ceremonies, can be tiny! In these cases the handbag carries out exclusively decorative function, and all necessary things are born by assistants. For all other cases you need a bag in which the mobile phone, a cosmetics bag (or separate cosmetics - ink, lipstick, blush and t will freely be located. o), purse etc. Even the evening handbag should not be tiny at all. Microscopic handbags - envelopes are intended only for women who wear synthetic wigs and shoes on Lucite hairpin. However you should not go into extremes - the huge bag reminding a thing - the bag, will hardly approach your main clothes. Besides, in such to a black hole it is often difficult to find the necessary subject.

2. Color. Much like color handbags. Much - bags with metal or golden gloss. But, nevertheless, most of women nevertheless chooses handbags of safe neutral flowers. In this season are especially actual red and steel - blue colors of bags. If you wear bright shoes, you know how it is necessary to address with a color and how to make him the ally. If is not present, you should learn this art before carrying a new bright handbag.

3. Convenience. You noticed, the latest fashionable models of bags are how heavy and bulky? Yards of skin and massive metal fasteners and buckles - not each woman will be able to carry long time such bag, I am even empty! Therefore before buying a bag, weigh it in hands, try to walk, having thrown through a shoulder. Regardless of the size, the bag has to be convenient, you will carry it constantly.

4. Seasonal fashionable details. Velvet. Bright fabric with the Hawaiian motives. Straw. All these materials - bag signs for one season. Really you really need a bag which you will be able to carry no more than half a year (at best)?

5. Classical trends. The seasonal fashion is short-lived, and here bags remain for many years. Some trends periodically come back and from time to time endure a new wave of popularity - it is classics. For example, bags from a patent leather and a handbag with a leopard print became classics. Focus is in choosing a bag which embodies a fashionable trend and at the same time it is not spoiled by too original form or decorative details.

Learn to combine an elegant bag with daily clothes. For example, the smart handbag - an envelope from a patent leather from Susan Farber will perfectly add a classical business suit.

In the evening such handbag perfectly will approach a simple monophonic short sheath dress. At the weekend you can safely carry this handbag in Starbucks with a favourite t-shirt, a cardigan, bright shorts and elegant and at the same time simple black Vietnamese. Quite so also stars arrive.