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What floor is better and safer?

On what floor are better to live in the multi-storey building from the point of view of safety, convenience and comfort?

The first floor at our citizens still remains to the most unloved. Apartments on the first floors are on sale 10-15% cheaper, than on others in the same house. And in five-storey apartment blocks the discount here in general can reach 20%.

As for the last floors, in old multi-storey buildings of the apartment here too leave with a small discount. Life under a roof is fraught with leakages and to get into it through a window directly from a roof quite perhaps. However in modern high-rise buildings under a roof there is a technical floor therefore about the mentioned discounts the speech does not go. On the contrary, in elite houses the most expensive floor - the last. Here it is possible to equip a penthouse. In standard houses the most running apartments for sale are located with 4 - go on 7 - y the floor.

So what floor everything is more preferable to accommodation? To be defined, we will try to give everyone the short characteristic with its advantages (we will designate a letter D), and shortcomings (letter N):

1 floor

D. in case of serious emergency situations, type of collapses and the fires, - the safest. If at windows there are no deaf lattices, then it is simple to leave the apartment on the first floor.

H. plunder the apartments Located on the first floors most often. They are the most noisy, air gets to them from the street the dirtiest. In old houses, besides, basement dampness is felt and mosquitoes torment.

the 2nd floor

is Rather safe

D. The best for the elderly people and families having small children.

H. Are inherent problems of the first floor, only in a smaller measure.

the 3rd floor

D. was Always considered as the best in old five-storey buildings.

H. Inconveniences arise at breakage of the elevator (if it, of course, is available). Most to rise - still all right, and here to lift the washing machine or a chair on the floor - a problem.

C 4 on the 6th floor

D. the safest from the point of view of ecology.

H. to People not in the best physical shape is difficult to get on the floor in case of breakage of the elevator.

the 7th floor

D. In standard multi-storey buildings is the best gold middle. It is not so noisy, automobile exhausts far below, the fear of height is not felt yet.

H. to People with warmly - vascular diseases and unbalanced mentality is not recommended to lodge above.

C 8 on the 16th floor


D. With this floor the lightest apartments above. The highest trees are lower.

H. If nearby are available the smoking pipes, then at the level of 8-16 floors their negative influence is strongest.

Above the 16th floor

D. the Best panoramic view and the most clean air. As heat in a multystoried skyscraper rises up, it besides the warmest floors.

H. In case of fire - the most dangerous. Toxic products have too property to extend from below up.

the Most top floor

Help at the fire can be given to

D. from a roof. There are some additional opportunities, like the equipment of the real fireplace or accession of part of an attic.

H. Increases risk of a robbery. In old houses a weak pressure of water and often there are leakages.

The most modern sliding ladders which in Moscow only several pieces, higher than 90 meters do not rise. It was demonstrated by the recent fire on 65 - ohm the floor of the most record skyscraper in Europe which is under construction in the capital. Firefighters dragged sleeves on an internal ladder, and helicopters poured water from above.

Nevertheless, progress on the place is not necessary. The specialized shop will offer you individual abnormally - saving means. For example, rope system with a cradle - a kerchief and the special lock. Well, and for low floors of an apartment house on a case of the fire it is enough to have a simple rope ladder.