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Treatment by cold - what is it?

Since the childhood inspired in us: if we do not want to get sick, it is necessary to be careful of cold. The cold is considered to be as the major factor provoking various catarrhal diseases. But scientists paid attention that under certain conditions low temperatures are capable to have medical effect. Scientific researches in this area led to creation of absolutely new direction - cryomedicine. About medical action of cold occur at a remembrance in Hippocrates and Avicenna`s works. Egyptians for 2500 BC applied cold compresses to treatment of wounds of a thorax and fractures of bones of a skull.

Several councils as are correct to apply a contrast shower
to Get used to a contrast shower, as well as to any new influence, it is necessary gradually. At first throughout 2 - 4 - x weeks daily to take a shower of pleasant temperature. Then to do only one contrast - to stand under cold water 5 - 10 sec., through one - to pass two weeks to two, and then and to three contrasts. Sometimes at the beginning it is possible to reduce difference of temperatures, that is, having a shower bath not the coldest and hot water, but warm and cool. For swings a sick organism it is desirable and to arrive.

But, having reached feeling of obvious hunger, it is necessary to make nevertheless sharp jump and to pass at once to ice water. Without knowing this rule, many beginners get sick. The secret is simple. Water of such temperature already considerably cools a body, however is not rather cold that to include the dozing protective forces of an organism. Sharp short-term douche by ice water does not manage to take away a lot of heat, but makes the most powerful impact on nervous system, starting thermoregulatory and immune mechanisms. It is desirable to do a contrast shower at least once in day in the mornings, after gymnastics. Though it is better to wash a body twice a day.

the Recipe of a contrast shower

At first pour over a body water of pleasant temperature. Then make it so hot as far as it is possible. Through 30 - 60 - 90 sec. block hot water and start up only cold. Pour over all body 20 - 30 sec., then again include the most hot water, drench all body and, especially long without luxuriating, again start cold. This time under a cold shower it is better to stand longer (about one minute and more). Then again not really long hot shower and the finishing cold. It is necessary to pour over all parts of a body, without lingering on a debt on one place. To finish always cold water. Before cooling of a body it is desirable to moisten a face.

To begin to do a contrast shower with care to the persons suffering from violation of blood supply of a brain, thrombophlebitis, a hypertensive illness, angiospasms.