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What the method of definition of paternity is applied to?

the child`s Birth always a considerable event in life not only women, but also men. How to be if there are doubts concerning the father? The motives moving people who go for paternity proof can be the most different.

In - the first, examination can be necessary for judicial proceedings when the woman, having remained one with the child, wishes to receive the alimony from his father. In - the second, it can help when the lady herself not precisely knows who the father of her child. In - the third, this procedure is inevitable at trip abroad when the Russian is married to the foreign citizen.

If such couple having the child wants to leave home the husband, then at the initiative of embassy confirmation of paternity is necessary. This measure will relieve further children of possible problems with nationality. Besides, definition of paternity can be required also at the introduction in rights of succession - as the proof of direct related connections.

For the last decade the method of definition of paternity underwent essential changes. Initially for such examination usual blood test of the father and child was used. In it the group, a Rhesus factor - a factor were defined, and after comparison of the obtained data the conclusion became. However the probability of a mistake at such method was extremely high.

In modern researches definition of DNA in which all genetic information of the person which is stored in chromosomes is concluded is used. In total chromosomes of 46 couples. The child receives one their half from mother, and the second - from the father. At paternity proof at first those chromosomes which got to the child from mother are defined, and remained are compared to genetic material of the alleged father. If they coincide, so the paternity can be taken for granted. Age framework for carrying out examination does not exist as DNA remains invariable during all life.

Besides, perhaps prenatal definition of paternity. It is carried out from 7 weeks of pregnancy. In this case material from a fruit is received by means of a fence of a small amount of amniotic waters. As in this case terms of research can be limited - suddenly the woman will want to interrupt pregnancy, it is desirable to investigate all potential fathers as soon as possible.

Procedure is rather simple. Presence of mother, child and father, and also their documents - passports and the birth certificate of the child is necessary. From parents take away about 50 ml of blood from a vein, and from the child if he is not 3 years old yet, take blood from a finger. Parents fill in the application form for research where in advance all moments on terms and a form of payment make a reservation.

You can find such statement also on some websites of specialized medical institutions, fill in it and send by mail. This document together with the blood taken from you is sent to laboratory. By means of the special device fragments of DNA on which " are defined; it is sewn up genetic information. These fragments increased in several million times are considered under a microscope and are investigated on existence of coinciding sites.

If all from them coincide, then this man is a biological father. At negative result that is in case the studied man not the father, the mistake is excluded. And at an affirmative answer the probability makes 99,99%.

For passing of examination to medical institution also the father with the child without mother can address, but provided that the child full age. If it small, then for research is required the signed and notarized permission of mother.

Research is absolutely harmless both to parents, and to the child. It will take about 2 - 3 weeks. Its cost varies from 250 to 350 US dollars depending on laboratory. In case of need terms of performance can be reduced to seven days, but it will be reflected also in the price. The result is given personally in hands to the applicant or is sent by mail to the specified address. Thus, confidentiality completely remains. Biological material is stored in different laboratories from 3 to 12 months. The result of research is the full legal document and is considered at an appeal to the court.

Now similar service is provided by a large number of establishments. But you should not address to the little-known commercial organizations. Very serious also demands a paternity question not only the expensive equipment, but also high qualification of experts.