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Why the man to be better, than the woman?

Behind the next tea at work one of my colleagues assumed that the man to be better, than the woman. As women did not agree, I had to help the colleague to reason the assumption! It seems coped, not without the aid of global reason, of course. So, the man to be better because:

to You does not need to be dragged always with itself the whole bag of extremely necessary objects.

your telephone conversation lasts no more than 30 seconds.

For week holiday one suitcase is enough for you.

naked show women In movies much more often.

to You does not need to watch sexual life of your friends.

the Shape of your bum has no value for employment.

Affairs of a marriage are settled by itself.

All your orgasms real.

You can open all bottles, jars, etc. of

the Turn in a toilet is 80% shorter.

to Old friends it is deep to span to spit on changes in your weight.

When you change channels in the TV, you do not need to stop longer than for 5 seconds.

Garage and the panel of the TV - yours, and only yours.

If someone forgets you where - nibud to call, he can still remain your friend.

When you are criticized, you do not need to panic that all around secretly hate you.

your pants cost 100 rubles for 3 pieces.

to You does not need to shave anything that is below a neck.

Any of your colleagues cannot make you cry.

Everything that is on your face, always natural color and a form.

If you 34 - the summer bachelor, nobody pays attention to it.

to You does not need to be filled up every night near a hairy bum.

You can enjoy silence, sitting in the car in place of the passenger.

All problems are settled in the flowers.

to you more than have enough Three pairs of shoes.

Nobody ceases to tell an indecent joke when you enter the room.

Sellers on a car market can tell you the truth.

You can take off an undershirt if to you hot.

to You to spit whether noticed people around your new hairdress.

You can watch without a break silently for hours football with the friend and not to be tormented with a question: Perhaps he becomes angry about me? .

All month at you identical mood.

You know, at least, 20 ways of opening of beer bottles.

People never stare at your breast when you talk to them.

If you do not call the friend in due time, he will not tell all people around as you changed.

You will never pass opportunities to make love only because at you there is no mood .

to You does not need to remember anybody`s dates of weddings and days of births.

If other man appeared at a party dressed as well as you, you can become the best friends.

And still:

to us should not wear heels.

we have no breast with which it is inconvenient to run.

We are almost always perceived seriously.

Man`s alcoholism is curable.

We can drink beer all night long, to come to work in a wrinkled suit in the morning and to tell that night was successful.

our surname remains same, as at the birth.

the Man can become a president.

Can put on a white t-shirt in park of water attractions.

to us does not need a prelude.

Wrinkles add originality.

Identical work - identical payment.

to us do not need laying.

New shoes do not cut a leg.

It, of course, not all, but also is enough of it!

P. S. By preparation the statements (without instructions of the author) found in the Internet were used.