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How to choose a gift on temperament?

Sometimes happen so what gifts are not necessary to the owner at all, and there is an array of problems where to attach them? Can regift? Not the fact that to

result of repackaging the gift will not return to you again.

If you are afraid to miss in the choice of a gift, it is better to take an interest in interests and preferences of the hero of the occasion in advance. And also to learn his temperament.

Unfortunately, in our country did not learn to make yet competent gifts which approach

a case and do not burden the owner, becoming dusty on a balcony. One more problem: most often we do not consider gifts in advance, and we run in shop and we are enough the first that will get.

Even more often people began to order clothes, gifts and even I go on the Internet it much more conveniently, than for hours to go shopping. But there is a probability that you buy pig in a poke so choosing a gift think of it. people buy by

In the majority universal gifts: flowers, candies, gold etc. to the Donator it is sometimes even not important

whether to be pleasant a gift, the donation fact is important. How all - is correct to pick up a gift?

In the nature there are four main types of temperament: sanguine, melancholic, choleric, flegmatichesky. To define temperament quite difficult, but it is possible. Let`s try to define the main features of each temperament and to pick up a gift suitable for this type.

The sanguine temperament characterizes the person of very cheerful nature. It is represented the optimist, the humorist, the joker. It quickly ignites, but so quickly cools down, loses interest in what absolutely very much concerned him until recently and attracted to itself. The sanguine person promises much, but not always keeps the promise. It it is easy and comes to pleasure into contacts with strangers, is a good interlocutor, all people to it friends. It is distinguished by kindness, readiness to come to the rescue. The hard mental or physical activity quickly tires him. Choosing gifts for such person, safely you come into the section cool gifts, and you will not be mistaken.

Melancholic temperament of activity svoystven to the person of generally gloomy spirit. Such person usually leads difficult and intense internal life, attaches great value to everything that concerns it, possesses the increased uneasiness and vulnerable soul. Such person quite often is reserved and especially controls himself at issue of promises. He never promises what is not able to be made, very suffers from the fact that he cannot keep this promise, even in case its performance directly depends on him a little. The melancholiac without doubts will like a gift which will allow it to distract from surrounding reality and to plunge into the thoughts.

The choleric temperament of activity characterizes the quick-tempered person. Say about such person that he is too hot, violent. At the same time such individual quickly cools down and calms down if concede to him, meet halfway. Each quick-tempered person has an own way to recover and calm down. It is enough to someone to switch to something else, someone drinks coffee, and someone smokes. The choleric person will like the gifts calming and weakening.

Flegmatichesky temperament of activity to treat the cool person. It expresses itself(himself) rather a tendency to a divergence, than to hard, active work. Such person slowly comes to a condition of excitement, but for a long time. Cool people, as a rule, have thirst for the weapon. Choosing a gift to the phlegmatic person, you can stop the choice on a series of trophies.

Also you remember before buying a gift ask yourself a question: you would like to receive such gift? If an affirmative answer, take without deliberating!