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What to choose the greenhouse for a garden site?

Before giving the answer to article heading question, let`s approach this subject slightly more widely. And whether this construction on a garden site is necessary? Many gardeners do not spend means and time for purchase and arrangement of greenhouses. They consider that in an open ground vegetables though grow ripe for a week later, than in the greenhouse, but are surprised diseases and wreckers less and taste at them is better.

However, there is also other half - supporters of cultivation of vegetable cultures in greenhouses. They want to receive earlier and big crops, in comparison with those which are removed from beds, and for an appreciable length of time.

The matter is that many vegetable cultures (tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, eggplants and so forth) are delivered to us from the southern countries and for the growth and fructification demand the corresponding conditions. For example, humidity - to 75 - 100% and temperature from 25 from 35 C. The most part of our territory does not indulge us such climate. Moreover, early autumn cold weather and returnable frosts are characteristic of a midland of Russia in the spring. Here also many gardeners should use on the seasonal dachas various greenhouses and hotbeds from the middle of spring and to the first autumn months. At the correct agrotechnology from 1 sq.m of the greenhouse it is possible to reap considerably a bigger crop of thermophilic vegetables, than from a bed. Especially it is important for those who have a small site.

Upon purchase of the greenhouse first of all pay attention to its framework. It is desirable that it was made of galvanized steel with a rectangular profile. Round it is calculated on smaller loadings.

What covering to choose for the greenhouse - glass or polycarbonate? the Right choice. Before glass at it a number of advantages: keeps heat better and it is safe (splinters from a roof will not pour on the head). Lightweight of polycarbonate facilitates and, thereby, reduces the price of a greenhouse design. In need of it it will be possible to move to the new place. The greenhouse from glass is always put on the base. Though, it should be noted here that glass is cheaper than polycarbonate of the same thickness.

How it is correct to choose the greenhouse from polycarbonate for the garden site? For the greenhouse should choose qualitative polycarbonate which surface is protected by a layer of the ultra-violet stabilizer (protection against the destroying influence of sunshine). Such material will serve not less than 15 years while not having the stabilizer - only 3 - 4 years. Choosing the greenhouse for a garden site, it is possible to check existence of UF - the stabilizer by means of the simple detector of banknotes. Direct a beam of its lamp to an end face of a polycarbonate leaf. If there was a blue luminescence, so the stabilizer is available.

What size and a form of the greenhouse to prefer? the greenhouse Size, most likely, is important for convenience of the gardener. Now the most popular sizes for country greenhouses are 3x6 and 2,5x6 meters. On 1 sq.m of useful area in them it is possible to plant 3 - 4 bushes of pepper, eggplants or tomatoes, 5 - 6 cucumbers.

For convenience of use of the greenhouse it is necessary to choose its dimensions correctly. Height under the fad has to be not less than 2,4 m, height in eaves - 1,65 m. The door to the greenhouse has to have the size 1,8 x 0,6 (if you roll up in it a wheelbarrow, then do width of a door under its size). Counting the useful area of the greenhouse, do not forget to consider paths and places for technical needs (for example, for a barrel with water). Estimate how to arrange beds in the greenhouse: two on each side and a path in the middle or three with two paths.

When it is possible to land vegetables to not heated greenhouse? In April in the greenhouse can already sow fennel, onions on a feather, a garden radish and cabbage on seedling. To protect shoots from returnable frosts, cover them with thin nonwoven fabric - lutrasily. In the afternoon, at the beginning of May, to the greenhouse it is possible to put seedling of tomatoes, eggplants and cucumbers for a hardening. For the night they need to be moved away to warmer place. After May 10 - 15 it is possible to seed dry seeds on the constant place cucumbers, having covered them with a film. And the seedling to the greenhouse should be landed not earlier than the end of May.

Summer residents often ask whether it is possible to grow up tomatoes and cucumbers in one greenhouse? Generally, experts do not advise so to do. The matter is that at these thermophilic vegetables different requirements to a microclimate. Cucumbers do not love drafts and prefer high humidity of air, and at tomatoes from it pollen sticks together and fruits are badly tied. What to do to summer residents in this case? To put the second greenhouse? And if for it there is no place?

Here therefore some gardeners just fence off a polyethylene film part of the greenhouse where cucumbers grow, increasing humidity of air there and not allowing drafts. Periodically aired dryness which is loved by tomatoes reigns in other part. If you follow such example, do not forget to change annually places of landing of tomatoes and cucumbers. Besides, at the same time it is necessary to update periodically the earth in the greenhouse.