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How to save on purchases?

you decided to make a large purchase or to save up money for the first payment for the apartment? Eight ways are given below how to cut down excess expenses, to save up the necessary sum and to keep the family budget in balance.

1) You go marketing in the evenings. For an hour before closing vegetables and fruit in the market can be bought even at half price. Tired sellers want to sell out somewhat quicker the goods not to carry it back. Therefore they are ready to bargain it away. And if you are also able to bargain, the considerable economy is provided to you.

2) Have a bite before shopping. At the hungry person in a supermarket eyes run up. Many shops use it - for example, spray the fragrances repeating a smell in a trading floor is fresher than pastries or tropical fruit. Having glanced in shop on a hungry stomach, you risk to find five grades of sausage and three boxes of cookies in the cart though did not plan them to buy at all.

3) Do not throw out checks. Keeping checks from shops, you kill two hares at once. You will be able to track on what your salary leaves. You are surprised, having learned how many excess things you buy. For example, refusal of a habit to drink in a lunch break a cup of coffee for 50 rubles in 20 working days will save on work to you about 1000 rubles a month!

4) Do not ignore a leaflet. Advertising leaflets which often distribute at an entrance to shop can help your budget. Do not throw out a leaflet at once, perhaps, it grants the right for a discount in that department where you go. The same leaflets and coupons are in some magazines.

5) Refuse the credits. the Bank credits for urgent needs - very convenient service. But do not forget that the percent which the bank will take for it can significantly increase purchase cost, such the express - the credits are rather expensive. If you are not ready to overpay from 15% to 30% for a thing, try to save up for purchase independently.

6) Get the bank account. Many banks offer deposits which till a certain moment can only be filled up. It can be opened for a period of 6 till 24 months. During this time you can put money for the account, but not remove them. But after this term you receive all sum with an additive from 5,6% to 10,25%.

7) You call competently. can be Saved on talk with friends from other cities by means of digital technology - IP-telephony. The call by means of cards of IP-telephony to any city of the country will cost to you by 2,5 - 3 times cheaper.

8) Become patriots. Prime cost of a jar of the advertized cream - only 10 - 15% of figure on the price tag. Buying expensive cosmetics, you pay not so much for a product how many for its name. The Russian firms checked by time have quite worthy means which will cost to you many times over cheaper as our producers are not spent for advertizing. And components for cosmetics buy our and western firms from the same producers.