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What couscous on taste? Instant useful products of

In the world are so much unusual and tasty. But on preparation sometimes there is no time left or forces, happens, as for children quickly it is necessary to prepare something. And there is a wish that it is useful, quickly and tasty! Quick-cooking cereals, dry breakfasts, cottage cheese, fried eggs - all this already goes on a breakfast, and the rest that it is possible to prepare in 5 minutes - vermicelli or instant noodles somehow does not inspire.

What it is possible to add to the existing arsenal? The instant useful natural product (no more than 5 minutes) was the purpose of search. At the same time it should not contain any chemical dyes, preservatives, amplifiers of taste and aroma. In production of this product harmful substances should not be used. It is also quite good that in it there were vitamins and useful nutrients. Also there is a wish to surprise members of household.

It appears, such products exist. For example, couscous. It is unusual grain it is from Morocco from which it is possible to prepare an infinite number of dishes. Couscous prepares very quickly and it turns out tasty. Couscous is made of wheat of firm grades - semolina is sprinkled water and form grains which then pass heat treatment then they are dried up. For this reason couscous prepares so quickly - only 5 minutes. Couscous is eaten in any kind, not only salty or sharp, but also sweet. Very much it is pleasant to children! As they only do not call couscous: kus - kus, bite - bite!

It is simple to cook couscous. It is enough to fill in of it with boiled water (or broth), to allow to stand 5 minutes - and it is ready! It is possible to fill with oil (vegetable or creamy).

And still couscous inspires on searches of new culinary ideas: for example, it perfectly will be suitable as a garnish, for a dessert, in salad, for a stuffing, as a breading. On www. fasol. tv is many recipes with couscous.

It is possible to make unusual salad under the name Tabule with " couscous;.

Preparation required 150 g of couscous, juice of a lemon, 3 tablespoons of olive oil, 4 tablespoons of fresh parsley, 3 tablespoons of fresh leaves of mint, 4 - 5 stalks of green onions, 2 tomatoes, 1 paprika, salt and fresh ground black pepper - to taste.

How to prepare: to place couscous in capacity, to fill in 350 ml of boiled water, to mix. To cover and allow to stand 5 minutes. After to loosen couscous with a fork. At this time to remove seeds in pepper and to cut together with tomatoes small pieces. To cut small parsley, onions and mint. To add olive oil, lemon juice to couscous, it is a little salt and pepper. If couscous stands, then it will perfectly absorb in itself(himself) all tastes and aromas of ingredients. To add green onions, parsley, pepper, mint, tomatoes and it is good to mix all. It turns out very tasty!

And what history, rich at couscous... It appears, in 12 - 13 centuries couscous became popular in North Africa thanks to nomads - berbers. And in the 21st century it becomes known and in Russia. Such unusual grain can be used in preparation of a huge number of dishes. Both it is possible to stuff and to bake, and for a garnish to weld and what desserts interesting with it turn out... For creativity and, by the way, together it is exciting to prepare grace by all family, to invent any recipes.

Not only couscous, but also, for example, basmati rice is considered an instant useful product. Surprisingly what to train him only 5 minutes. Interestingly, what else there are instant useful products?